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Dizziness is the word used to describe an umbrella of different feelings such as feeling nauseous or unsteady. Commonly, dizziness presents itself as a symptom, rather than a disease.
Approximately 20-30% of the population reports to feeling dizzy annually. [2]

-- Treatable by a medical professional
-- Isnt contagious doesnt spread among people
-- Lab tests or imaging rarely required
-- Chronic may happen intermittently, over a long period of time

Dizziness can be categorized into vertigo, presyncope, and disequilibrium where vertigo is the feeling of spinning, presyncope brings muscular weakness with itself and disequilibrium is experiencing being off balance.
Ages affected Between 0 and 25: Less often; Between 25 and 55: More often; 55 and above: Rare.


Usually self-diagnosable
Symptoms include nausea, uneasiness, tendency to vomit, blackouts or fainting, etc.

People may experience:

Mental issues nausea, lightheadedness
Gastrointestinal vomiting
Body pain muscular weakness, feeling of being off balance


If you feel dizzy doing certain activities such as traveling to places at high altitude, spinning, dancing, etc., then refrain from performing those actions.

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