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What is Cardiac Catheterization?


Cardiac Catheterization is a medical procedure that allows the medical professional to assess the operations of the heart and other cardiac functions. It also makes it possible to add credibility to the diagnosis made by the specialist regarding cardiovascular conditions.

In the mechanism, a long slender tube (catheter) is attached to a vein or an artery in the arm or the neck. It is weaved through the blood vessels until it reaches the heart. After that, it can be used for various purposes such as taking X-ray videos of the organs or conduct tests.

When is Cardiac Catheterization recommended?

Primarily, this operation is performed to diagnose a cardiac ailment or assess functions of the cardiac muscles. Additionally, it can be used to assert the existence of a heart defect, quantify the amount of pressure or oxygen in the heart, etc.

Post the diagnostic method, procedures involving interventions could be performed including angioplasty, brachytherapy, etc.

Preparing for Cardiac Catheterization
After the catheter is inserted perfectly, depending on the tests required to diagnose the ailment, the procedures performed include an angiogram or biopsy.
A discovery which could prove to be life-threatening could call for advanced procedures such as an angioplasty or thrombectomy.

After successful completion of the procedure, the catheter is removed.
Understanding Cardiac Catheterization results
Depending on the reason for which the catheter was used, the results may vary, for instance, if it was used for evaluating cardiac activities, the result may show statistics relating to the activity.

If the main cause of the catheterization was to prepare for an interventional procedure, then the doctor might discuss future actions and answer questions related to well being of the heart.

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