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How to Quit Smoking? Help and all That You May Want to Know


The condition of severe smoking addiction that has abused substances of tobacco, which may lead to health-threatening diseases.

Aproximately, 70% of those addicted to smoking wanted to quit the habit.(1)

- Common and prevalent condition among many
- Prevalent among males
- Addictive because of nicotine substance
- May lead to health-threatening diseases

A widely common situation that has addictive content of nicotine. This causes a rush in adrenaline when inhaled. Difficult to quit. Many take de-addictive treatments for tobacco and smoking.

Ages affected – Anyone from any age group can make a habit of smoking tobacco.


Those habituated cannot stop smoking. May have withdrawal symptoms if stopped. Continues to take tobacco despite health problems.

People may experience
Withdrawal – Shaking hands, shivering, and irritability if attempted to quit.
Cannot stop – Cannot quit smoking and continues despite bad health.


Self-care: Although a person can try to slowly reduce smoking, he or she will not be able to do it because of addiction. May need to take de-addictive treatment in severe cases.

Medications and Advice: As the situation requires, nicotine replacement therapy can be taken. Nicotine gum or sprays can be recommended to reduce levels. Counseling can be provided to understand the side effects of nicotine and tobacco on life. Anti-depressants may be advised as per the condition.

Specialists: In case of severe symptoms and addiction, it is better to consult a medical professional for help. At mfine, we are here to help you with a holistic health treatment program for your requirements.

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