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Start The First 60 Minutes Of Your Day With These Healthy Habits

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A new day means a new start! To make the best of the day, it is important that you kick off your mornings with healthy practices. With that being said, start your day with these 7 healthy habits to improve your overall wellbeing and for a long-lasting change.

Get hydrated asap

Drinking water provides a lot of health benefits, that is why you must always start the day with a glass of water as soon as you wake up. 

  • Water hydrates your body after a long sleep
  • Boosts your level of alertness
  • Increases your metabolic rate

drink a glass of water prevent acid reflux mfine

Splash your face with cold water

If you feel sleepy in the morning, wash your face with cold water. It will make you feel energised in a jiffy. Experts also say that cold water acts as an astringent and can:

wash face stay healthy start healthy mfine

Brush, scrape and floss

Proper dental routine ensures removal of plaque which is one of the most common reasons for gum disease and tooth decay.

  • Brushing your teeth prevents dental cavities and gum disease
  • Flossing can help prevent periodontal disease
  • Removes bacteria and prevents bad breath

brush teeth stay healthy start healthy mfine

Reduce stress with meditation

The need to relieve stress is greater amid our demanding schedules and busy lives. When you start your mornings with meditation you are bound to feel more relaxed and energised.

  • Choose a time for meditation & stick to it
  • Create a designated place to meditate
  • Don’t rush it and be consistent every day

migraine meditation mfine

Exercise for a minimum of 10 minutes

Sleeping might rejuvenate your mind but may stiffen your muscles and joints. Therefore, it is important to stretch to ease out the soreness and exercise is the remedy.

  • Exercise can boost mood and energy
  • Improves stamina and overall well being
  • Aids in weight loss

couple exercise at home binge-watching mfine

Get some sun

Sunlight can do wonders for your health. Just 10 minutes early in the morning tells your body clock that it’s time to start the day.

sun rays vitamin d supercharge your mornings mfine

Breakfast is a must

This one is a no-brainer: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It literally means breaking your “fast” after long hours of slumber. Experts say that eating a well-balanced meal has benefits that last well beyond your morning routine.

unhealthy foods cornflakes mfine

Incorporate these simple habits into your routine and find a newer and healthier version of yourself. 

Have you planned on any new year resolutions? What goals do you aim to achieve? Do you have any favourite healthy tips? Let us know in the comment below. #StartHealthy #StayHealthy

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