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8 Effective Ways To Beat Fatigue & Supercharge Your Mornings

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Admit it—we’ve all had mornings where despite getting adequate sleep we’ve experienced this unusual lack of energy to wake up from the bed. To beat that sluggishness, a lot of us befriend a big cup of coffee to kick start our mornings but so much caffeine can leave us feeling anxious and also meddle with our appetite.

The good news is there are some effective and healthy ways to supercharge our mornings. These are some small lifestyle/habit modifications that we can do that make a big difference. Let’s explore some of these—

Don’t snooze that alarm

You may find the ‘snooze’ button on your phone to be your best friend in the morning, but the reality is anything but that. Snoozing your alarm time and again leads to fragmented sleep, which is not at all healthy for your brain to function effectively throughout the rest of the day. 

What you can do as an alternative is keep one alarm before about 90 minutes from the time you actually want to wake up and one for when you ought to wake up. This will help you avoid fragmented sleep since a 90 minutes heads-up before your wake-time is actually still considered to be a full sleep cycle and is healthy.

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Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning

Feeling tired in the morning despite getting adequate sleep is a clear sign of dehydration. So, make sure that you drink a full glass of water when you wake up to keep yourself moving. In case you still feel the fatigue not fading away, try increasing your intake of water throughout the day and limit the intake of other non-caffeinated and caffeinated beverages.

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Splash your face with some cold water

A shower in the morning is a great way to beat sluggishness and supercharge your mornings. However, if you don’t want to take a full shower, you can simply splash your face with some cold water or just keep a water mist spray next to your bed. This will signal a temperature change to your body and get you off the bed right away!

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Don’t skip your breakfast

The first meal of the day that you bless your body with, is the much-needed fuel that it needs to function efficiently throughout the day. It will supercharge your morning the right way. In case you work out in the morning, make sure you eat after you’re done with the workout and not before it. This will help you burn more calories and also boost your metabolism.

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Avoid sugary food in the initial meals of the day

Try to avoid or limit your sugar intake until your lunchtime. If you start your day with sugary foods, the sudden blood sugar spike will give you an initial bout of energy but will also drain you in no time.

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Step out in the sunlight

Research says that spending more time in the sun makes one feel alive. Perhaps this is a good reason for you to arrange your morning workouts out in the sun to give you that much-needed ‘kick’ to get moving for the day. Additionally, you can also make sure your room gets ample sunlight in the mornings by adjusting the curtains accordingly.

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Limit your coffee intake

This doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to have coffee at all. However, make sure you don’t go overboard with it because that can in a way contributes to your increased fatigue later in the day. 

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Look out for the stress triggers

If there’s something that’s stressing you out, in your professional or personal life, you need to address it. If the problem keeps you awake till late night, it’s obvious that you will feel sluggish through the rest of the day once you wake up in the morning. Identify your stress triggers or speak to a mental health expert online for some effective stress management tips.

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These tips will certainly come in handy and effective in beating your morning sluggishness and keep you charged up for the day.

In case you still feel the fatigue not fading away, it can be due to some underlying health condition. In such a condition, you can explore some at-home health checks on MFine or consult a doctor online for the right diagnosis and treatment plan.

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