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Are You Wondering Why Your Scrotal Skin Itches So Much? Read This.


An itching inflammation or injury of the scrotal skin

People who have experienced scrotal rash were most often matched with 50% Irritant Contact Dermatitis [1].

- Self-diagnosable
- Can be treated by a medical professional
- Lab testing or imaging not necessarily required
- Can be acute, mild or severe

The scrotal skin is extremely sensitive and prone to substances like sprays, alcohol and even soaps. It can be triggered especially by psychological stress and allergy. Scrotal dermatitis may also be due to involvement of a systemic dermatosis (e.g., lichen planus or psoriasis), a dermophyte infection or infestation (scabies or lice). Scrotal dermatitis may be mild acute dry type which resolves within a few days, severe chronic dry in which the itching may spread to thighs, chronic wet, which may lead to lesions and presence of odour, or ulcerated and edematous, in which the scrotum swells with fluid and pus causing ulcerations.


Symptoms may include itching around the scrotum and possible skin lesions

People may experience
Itching areas: scrotum, or inner thighs in some cases
Skin irritation: inflammation causing redness, fluid or pus filled lesions
Also common: pain, psychological stress, infections


Self-care: avoid using contraceptive creams or rubber condoms as they may cause infections leading to scrotal dermatitis.

Medication: the doctor may prescribe suitable steroid creams, antihistamines and moisturisers. Therapy for stress is also advisable. Avoid using any kind of over the counter medication that may increase the chances of itching.

Specialists: for medical emergencies, consult a physician or a dermatologist. At mfine, we have a wide variety of specialised doctors who can help you understand and deal with your health issue.

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