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Dermatitis: What it is and things you should know


Dermatitis is a skin inflammation in general. It is characterized by dry, red, swollen, and itchy skin.

There are more than 18 million Americans who have atopic dermatitis.

-It can affect people of all ages.
-It is short-term and can be treated within a few days or weeks.
-It is usually self-diagnosable.
-It is not contagious.

If not treated it can become blistered, swollen, scalier and worst. It is mainly of four types viz. atopic dermatitis (also known as eczema and develop in infancy), contact dermatitis (caused by contact with certain irritant), Dyshidrotic (affects hands & feet) and Seborrheic dermatitis (common on scalp).


The common symptoms include red and itchy skin due to allergy, virus or when gets in contact with the irritants.

People may experience:
Pain areas- affected skin
Burning sensation and blisters
Infected, scaly skin and swelling
Sun sensitivity
Also common: cracked skin, rashes, weeping, dark skin, peeling, hives,


Self Care: Avoiding allergy-causing substances & irritants, keeping skin moist, taking bath or shower, using gentle soaps and cleansers, avoiding scratching/itching

Medications: Over the counter medications, antibiotics, antifungal relieve inflammation and itching, Moisturisers/emollients (should be taken only on doctor’s advice)

Specialists: It is serious problem and needs treatment. Here, at Mfine you get answers to all your problems. Check Mfine and get the best medical advice from the best dermatologists.

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