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Dealing with allergic Eczema


It is an irritating rash on the skin that gets fostered after interacting with an allergen.

Approximately 31.6 million people in the U.S. have a certain type of eczema [1]

Some common reasons to initiate the rash could be as follows:
- Adhesives
- Some soaps and cleaning materials
- Some plants like poison ivy
- Topical ointments
- Antibiotic creams
- Exposure of certain chemicals to sunlight
- Hair dyes
- Perfumes in cosmetic products
- Nickels
- Certain food products
- Pollen
- Latex
- Cloth dyes
- Dust Mites

Generally, resolves in about two to three weeks unless there is a contact with the allergen again. It is a problematic condition that often leads to feelings of frustration for those enduring it and the caregivers.


Symptoms vary from individual to individual and usually affect the area that came into contact with the allergen. They include
- a feeling of pain and burning
- tender and warm skin
- inflammation of the affected area
- scaly or thickened skin
- rashes and cuts
- discomfort and prickling sensations
- red lesions that could ooze or drain


Self-care: A moisturizing cream will help to keep the skin hydrated. This would in turn help reduce the damage.

Medications: To reduce the itching and inflammation, take an over-the-counter corticosteroid cream.

Specialists: A medical professional can help you identify the allergen causing the symptoms. The practitioner will decide the course of treatment based on the examination of the rash.
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