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6 incredible benefits of chamomile tea for babies

From improving digestion to treating skin conditions, there are numerous benefits of using chamomile tea for your baby. Find out how to use this magical herb!

Chamomile is one of the most consumed herbs world over because of its many health benefits. The herb has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and also contains calcium, magnesium, folate and vitamin A. All of these nutrients make chamomile an incredible herb for babies. One of the easiest ways to feed chamomile to your baby is by brewing it in hot water and making a tea out of it.

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To make chamomile tea for babies, bring a cup of water to boil and add a teaspoon of chamomile tea. You can also use chamomile tea bags.  Strain the tea, allow it to cool down and let your baby have a little. The dosage of chamomile tea for babies is only 15 millilitres at a time and not more than thrice a day.

Here’s how you can use chamomile tea to safely treat a number of common baby health problems. 

1. It is a mild sedative

Chamomile tea for babies can be a very soothing drink because it contains relaxing agents. If your baby has restless nights, a little chamomile tea before their bedtime can help them sleep better. If your baby is older than 6 months, then they can safely have a little chamomile tea in their feeding bottle before bed.

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2. It helps relieve flatulence

Chamomile is a carminative herb, meaning it can prevent gas formation as well as allow any gas already built up inside your baby’s tummy to get expelled. This is why it is ideal to give a little chamomile tea for colicky babies as it also has antispasmodic properties.

Small babies can also have problems with constipation that can make them fussy. You can give chamomile tea as a digestive aid and will help ease your baby’s discomfort. 

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3. Relieves teething pains

While they’re teething, your baby will become very fussy and start trying to gnaw on everything. This is because as the baby’s teeth break through the gums, they can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Chamomile has strong anti-inflammatory properties. This is why chamomile tea is great for teething problems in babies with its natural soothing properties. Soak a clean cotton washcloth in weak chamomile tea and give it to your baby to bite on as long as they want to.

4. Improves immunity

Chamomile also has antibacterial properties making it a good immunity booster for your child. It works by increasing the production of white blood corpuscles which are the infection fighters in our body. Chamomile tea can help with your baby’s cough and cold and can help ease the symptoms. It helps to relieve upper respiratory tract discomfort, allowing your baby to breathe easier. So the next time your baby has a runny nose, try giving them a little chamomile tea.

5. Treats diaper rash

Diaper rash is one of the most common skin conditions among babies. Their sensitive skin can easily get irritated from the moisture or the material of their diapers. While diaper rash creams are a popular remedy for this condition, chamomile tea can be a great natural alternative to soothe your baby’s inflamed skin. Mix one cup of chamomile tea with half a teaspoon of honey and use it to spray over your baby’s red skin. While honey might be unsafe for babies to eat, it’s a powerful natural moisturiser and antiseptic when combined with chamomile tea.

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6. Cradle cap

Cradle cap is dry, flaky brown scales that occur on a baby’s head and sometimes on the face as well. While it isn’t itchy and does not cause your baby any discomfort, it can be difficult to get rid of quickly. Chamomile mixed with coconut oil is an excellent natural treatment for cradle cap. You can mix some chamomile oil with coconut oil and apply it before your baby’s bath. This combination moisturises your baby’s skin and can get rid of the dead skin cells.

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Chamomile tea for babies: Side-effects

Chamomile tea is generally not advised for infants 6 months and younger. [BK1] [BK2] At this stage, babies should not be given anything but a mother’s breast milk or formula milk. Giving baby chamomile tea at this time will affect the amount of milk they drink and that could cause growth and weight gain problems.

There are very few side-effects associated with chamomile tea for older babies. In very rare cases, a baby might show an allergic reaction in the form of a rash. This is why it is best to give less than a teaspoon of chamomile tea to your baby the very first time to make sure that they do not have a bad reaction.

How to buy chamomile?

Avoid buying loose chamomile tea since it might be contaminated with bacteria that can cause botulism in babies who are less than a year old.  Tea bags are factory-sealed and thus are safer. When buying chamomile tea bags, make sure it has no caffeine in it. One of the most important points to remember is that you must dilute it since the baby might not like the taste of strong tea and may not be ready to try it again. If the baby is older than a year, mix it with a little honey. Babies below a year should not have honey because of the danger of botulism.

If you’re looking for a safe, natural home remedy that can help your baby sleep better, increase their immunity and improve their digestion, look no further than chamomile tea! For more expert advice on child health and nutrition, download the mfine app and book an instant consultation with your city’s top pediatricians!

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