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How to stop vomiting in children: Best home remedies

Is your child feeling unwell from a stomach bug? If you are looking for some quick, easy and proven remedies that will pacify your child’s stomach, read on. Here are a few tips and remedies to cure vomiting in children!

Vomiting in children is not always a symptom of something serious. Throwing up is a symptom of any number of ailments and you need to know when you can treat it at home and when there is a real cause for worry. There are numerous home remedies for vomiting in kids that can provide a sick child with instant relief. However, before we get to that, let’s look into what could be causing your kid to vomit.

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Common causes of vomiting in children

They are many common reasons why your child could suddenly start vomiting.  Children can be allergic to certain foods like milk, wheat, fish or even peanuts. If you notice such a pattern after they eat a specific food, all you need to do is remove that food item from his menu or find an alternative, and it should stop. Vomiting along with diarrhoea can sometimes be because of gastrointestinal infection and will need a visit to your paediatrician. Seasonal flu is another common cause of nausea and vomiting in children. If your child has the flu, try some of these tried and tested Indian home remedies for cold and fever. 

Vomit that is greenish yellow or coffee brown is a cause for worry and needs an immediate consult with your doctor.

Sometimes, vomiting in children can also be caused by stress or an emotional upset. Starting school or even moving to a new school can make your child stressed out and it can manifest itself in bouts of vomiting. Some children also get stressed out when it is exam time and vomiting is one of the ways your child tells you that they are finding it difficult to cope with the pressure. Even though the causes are psychological, the pain is very much physical and you will need to be very patient and understanding.

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Vomiting in children treatment

Vomiting in children can cause severe dehydration, which in turn, can make their condition worse. However, hydrating a sick child sounds simpler than it is. A whiny, cranky child is probably not going to be willing to drink anything, particularly if they feel nauseous. Oral rehydration solutions are a good treatment option to combat the risk of dehydration. However, there are also many Indian home remedies for vomiting in children.

1. Keep away from solids

If your child has been vomiting, don’t give them any solid foods or milk products. Mothers of infants can continue to breastfeed but do it for shorter durations and increase the frequency.  Children should not be given any solid foods while they are still vomiting frequently. They can get back to regular foods only 24 hours after the vomiting has subsided. During this period, your child’s digestive system is still sensitive and needs time to recuperate.  Light vegetable soups are a good choice until your child feels a bit better. Don’t give fruit juices as the sugar in them can be harmful to a child when they are vomiting.

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2. Oral Rehydration Solutions

Doctors will usually prescribe ORS as part of the vomiting in the children treatment course. ORS must be given at regular intervals until your child’s condition has improved. This mix of salt, sugar and water helps replace the fluids and salts lost due to excessive vomiting. For babies, 1 tablespoon of ORS every 15 minutes is ideal. Older children can have up to 1 glass of electrolytes every couple of hours. Try not to give it immediately after your child vomits but wait for 15 to 20 minutes. This can reduce the risk of your child vomiting the ORS back up.

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3. Ginger Juice

Ginger has natural antiemetic properties, making it one of the best Indian home remedies for vomiting in children. It has a beneficial effect on your child’s digestive system and helps settle it. You can squeeze 1 teaspoon of ginger juice and mix it with one teaspoon of lime juice to make it more palatable. Add this to a small glass of water and feed it to your child every half hour. Clear ginger tea brewed along with a few mint leaves and with some added honey might make the medicine go down better. Mint is also a good antidote for nausea.

4. Rice Water

The water in which white rice has been boiled and strained is one of the best Indian home remedies for vomiting in children. This water contains starch and so is an excellent way to get some calories into your child and bring their energy levels up. As it is very easy to digest, your child will be able to keep their food down, instead of vomiting it up again.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix a little apple cider vinegar in water and get your child to rinse their mouth with it after vomiting. It goes a long way in removing that acidic feeling in the mouth and helps fight nausea. Apple cider vinegar is a good home remedy for vomiting in kids as it detoxifies the body. Mix a teaspoon of it along with honey in a chilled glass of water and ask your child to sip on it slowly.

6. Cloves and Cinnamon

Both these spices are found to have soothing properties that can calm an irritable stomach. You can make cinnamon tea by boiling a teaspoonful of cinnamon powder in hot water, straining it and adding some honey to it. You could follow the same steps to make clove tea. However, if you can get your child to chew a clove every few hours, it can freshen the mouth and also make them feel better.

These are a few easy home remedies for vomiting in kids. However, if your child does not respond to this treatment within a day or the vomiting continues then it would be best to seek medical help. Through the mfine app, you can book a consultation with cit’s top paediatricians instantaneously.

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