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Medicover Suyosha woman & child hospital

Medicover Suyosha woman & child hospital


Multi Speciality | Established 2016-06-07

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About Medicover Suyosha woman & child hospital

The Medicover Suyosha woman and child hospital is popular amongst young parents. It features an excellent gynecology department to help pregnant women with an efficient delivery. The hospital also has a dedicated neonatal unit to take care of newborn babies in need of medical attention. The hi-tech incubators and gadgets have allowed the hospital to save thousands of lives in the past few years. The hospital operates on a 24x7 basis. It supports over 100 beds and a fully qualified taskforce of expert doctors and nurses. It gives the patients an access to round the clock paediatricians. The hospital strongly believes in the safety-first motto to take care of the patients.

Equipment/ Technology

Medicover Suyosha is equipped with the latest gadgets to reduce the mortality rates of the infants. In the past couple of years, the Medicover Suyosha doctors have successfully delivered babies for thousands of couples. The hospital also has a dedicated incubator wing where they keep the newborn babies under observation in case of an early or late delivery. This incubator has all the necessary tools to help the doctors treat the diseases and illnesses of the infant at an extremely early stage.

Specialities Treated at Medicover Suyosha

  • Pediatrician: The hospital hosts one of the finest paediatrician departments of the country. Thousands of women approach this hospital every year to avail a customized body health chart and diet for themselves as well as their kids.
  • Neonatology: The neonatology department of this hospital is equipped with hi-tech equipment to increase the survival rate of infants in case of a risky pregnancy. This mother and child care hospital has successfully handled hundreds of high-risk pregnancy cases effectively.
  • Fetal Medicine: The foetal medicine department takes care of the proper nutrition and health for babies. The doctors carefully administer the drugs to make sure that they pose no side effects to the new immune system of infants.
  • Gynecology: The gynaecology services take care of the regular check-ups for the uterine health of women. 


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