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Best breastfeeding positions to soothe you and your baby

Feeding your new born baby the right way may seem difficult initially, but it only takes practise and patience. Here are a few tips on how to nail the best breastfeeding positions for your baby!

When you are a new mother, after childbirth you will begin producing milk naturally to sustain your little one’s new life in the world. However, while breastfeeding is one of the most natural processes of life, it doesn’t make it second nature. You and your baby are two unique individuals, and hence, one style of nursing may not be the ideal fit for all moms and babies. Here are a few of the best breastfeeding positions to soothe you and your baby.

1. Cross-Cradle Hold

If you are a new mom and this is your first time breastfeeding your baby, the cross-cradle hold might be the best breastfeeding position for you and your newborn. First, sit down in a comfortable chair that has armrests. Hold your baby directly in front of you with their tummy touching yours. Their body should be cradled in the crook of your arm, facing the opposite breast you’re going to nurse from – use your right arm for your left breast and vice versa. Support your little one’s head with an open palm and use your other hand to support your breast in a U-shape hold. Without leaning or bending forward, gently guide your baby’s mouth to latch on to your breast. The cross-cradle hold is one of the best breastfeeding position techniques for newborn babies, particularly if your baby struggles to latch on to your breast correctly. For more tips on breastfeeding and helping your baby latch, you can read our blog on the wonders and benefits of breastfeeding.

2. The Cradle Hold

This breastfeeding position is similar to the previous one, except here, you will support your baby with the arm on the same side as your nursing breast. The cradle hold position requires you to sit straight in a comfortable chair with armrests. Cradle your baby such that their head is held in your while facing your breast. Your baby’s head must be in line with the rest of his or her body and not turned to the side. This is important as not only can it cause your baby discomfort, it may result in your baby not latching on to your breast correctly. Make things easier for yourself and your little one by laying a pillow across your lap to provide some extra support with the cradle hold.

3. The Football Hold

The Football Hold, also sometimes known as the Clutch Hold is one of the best breastfeeding positions for women:

  • just recovering from a C-section
  • with large breasts
  • who have delivered a small or premature baby
  • with twins

The Football Hold is a much more comfortable breastfeeding position to nurse your baby as it takes your baby’s weight off your stomach. Begin by holding your baby next to you at your waist level. Bend your elbow, place your baby’s head in your open palm. Your little one’s back will rest on your forearm just like you’re holding a football or a clutch. With your free hand, hold your breast in C-shape hold, making your baby latch on to your breast.

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4. The Side-Lying Hold

As a new mother, there are bound to be times when exhaustion takes over your body, particularly just after childbirth and when nursing in the middle of the night. When you feel tired or drowsy, the best breastfeeding position to try is the side-lying hold. Breastfeeding your baby while lying on one side instead of sitting up is extremely helpful for new mothers who have undergone a C-Section. To try the side-lying hold, simply lie comfortably on one side, with your baby lying across directly in front of you. Use one hand to nudge your breast and nipple close to your baby so that he or she latches on. Once this happens, you can use one arm to prop yourself up and the other to hold your baby close. Just be cautious not to fall asleep in this position. This is also one of the best breastfeeding positions to reduce gas.

5. The Koala Hold

The Koala Hold breastfeeding position is also known as the upright hold and is perfect for babies struggling with reflux. Similar to the Football Hold, you will need to support your baby while making them sit upright, with the arm on the same side as the nursing breast and supporting your breast with your free, opposite hand. The Koala Hold is one of the best breastfeeding positions to reduce gas and for newborns suffering from acid reflux or GERD, as well as for older babies who can sit upright by themselves.

6. Laid-back position or “biological nursing”

This is the best breastfeeding position that is particularly helpful for:

  • Women with smaller breasts
  • Newborns with sensitive tummies
  • Babies suffering from excessive gas

For this position, you need to lean back in a semi-reclining position on a sofa or your bed; ensure you are well-supported with pillows so that you can place your baby tummy-to-tummy on your body. Your little one can rest in any direction so long as their entire body is against yours and they can reach your breasts. In this position, your little one can naturally latch onto your breast, and you won’t have much else to do besides lie back and relax.

7. The Twins Hold

If you have been blessed with twins, then you can try to employ any one of the above breastfeeding position techniques for newborn babies. Depending on how comfortable you are, you can either breastfeed your twins together or one at a time. To make yourself even more comfortable, use a large pillow or cushion under your little ones and gently support them with your hands on their upper backs.

Breastmilk is one of the best calcium-rich foods for babies and is essential for their healthy growth. After childbirth, with time, you will get more practice, and you and your little one will fall in sync with each other. If you are still facing problems with regard to baby latching or nursing, head over to mfine and consult our city’s top paediatricians. You can also check out our comprehensive vaccination schedule for your child here.

If you are overwhelmed with all the information and also the advice provided by friends and relatives, here’s a complete breastfeeding guide for new mothers. This Breastfeeding Guide PDF is curated by our medical experts. Download the Complete Breastfeeding Guide for free.

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