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Trapezitis: All you need to know


Trapezitis is a condition where the trapezius muscle goes into a painful spasm. This condition causes pain or stiffness of the neck and shoulders or upper back.

This condition affects the trapezius muscle, which is required for movement of the shoulders. [1]

Trapezitis is observed in individuals who
- Work extensive hours on a computer
- Indulge in strenuous physical activity
- Work at desks for long hours

Here are a few points of note about the condition:
- This condition is not contagious.
- The treatment time for this condition is case-specific.
- If left untreated, this condition can lead to the loss of movement.

The trapezius muscle is a large and flat muscle in the upper back and arises from the nape of the neck. It is responsible for keeping the head elevated and the shrugging motion of the shoulders. And stress to this muscle not only causes pain, but can also affect the movement of the neck and shoulders.


Those suffering from trapezitis experience pain in the neck and shoulders after working or driving for a few hours. They also note that the pain and stiffness reduces only after a good night’s rest.

People may experience
Difficulty in movement of the neck
If left untreated, the pain can be triggered very easily
Pain can last for 3-5 days
There might be pain in the arm and hands
Chronic trapezitis can lead to nerve compression


Self-care: Learning how to sit the right way without straining your muscles is crucial. You can also try gentle oil massages or heat packs. Use the right pillow to alleviate the pain and avoid sleeping on your back.

Medications: Doctors might recommend a range of medications to help combat trapezitis such as analgesics, anti-inflammatory medications, and muscle relaxants. These medicines control the swelling and pain.

Specialists: Your doctor might recommend that you visit a physical therapist for rehabilitation exercises that include strengthening exercises and exercises to improve flexibility.

It is vital that you seek medical attention before starting any treatment. For further assistance at your convenience, consult a physical therapist via the mfine app or website from the comfort of your home.

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