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Here is why you might have shoulder joint pain


Injury in the shoulder that hampers proper motion.

Between the ages of 18 and 88, almost everyone will experience some kind of shoulder issue, according to Gregory Nicholson, MD, an orthopedic surgeon.(1)

Requires a medical diagnosis
Laboratory tests and imaging are often required
Can occur in both men and women
Can be acute in rare cases

Shoulder joint pain occurs when there is an injury or joint immobility. It hampers your ability to perform daily activities. The bones that are present in the shoulder are cushioned by a layer of cartilage. The shoulder gets the ability to move because of the presence of the rotator cuff. If the rotator cuff is damaged or swollen, then there might be some difficulties to lift and move your arm.

Ages affected - between 20 - 30 - Often; between 30 - 40 - more often; 40 and above - most often


Symptoms may include a stark pain in the shoulder region with the inability to move the arm.

People may experience
Pain areas - Shoulder and back
Inflammation - Shoulder joints can be inflamed because of injury
Swelling - Around the shoulder joints


Self-care: For controlling pain in the shoulder region, limit daily activity and take proper rest. This can help to bring down the pain.

Medications: For inflammation or swelling, anti-inflammatory drugs are needed along with medical attention.

Specialists: For severe cases, consult a physician. At mfine, we are here for your service with a wide range of orthopedic surgeons.

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