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Breast Screening


Breast Screening What to expect in a breast exam? A breast check-up or screening usually involves an x-ray or mammogram of the breast to check for any benign swellings or cancerous lumps or tumour. Research shows that in India, 1 in 28 women can have breast cancer and it’s usually found at a developed stage […]

Breast Screening

What to expect in a breast exam?

A breast check-up or screening usually involves an x-ray or mammogram of the breast to check for any benign swellings or cancerous lumps or tumour. Research shows that in India, 1 in 28 women can have breast cancer and it’s usually found at a developed stage which calls for breast cancer surgery. A breast screening is the need of the hour, imploring women to not only take this condition seriously but to also take every possible precaution to stay on the safe side.

When should you get a breast exam?

If you are above the age of 20, or you find you are exhibiting any symptoms of breast cancer, you should opt for a test to detect breast cancer. Since the early symptoms of breast cancer are not always easily recognizable, you should practice a regular routine of breast self-examination at home, even if you do not opt for a breast cancer screening test to check for cancerous cells. This can easily be done by checking for any painful lump in breast, breast dimpling, or any of the other symptoms that can aid early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Following are the early symptoms of breast cancer to look out for:

  • Painless or painful lump in the breast or near the underarms
  • Redness around the nipples
  • Dimpling of the skin on the breasts
  • Pain in and around the nipples
  • Change of skin colour on the breasts
  • Discharge or blood from the nipples

While not all symptoms are indicative of breast cancer- since benign lumps due to fibroadenosis among other conditions can also be present; however, it is important to get the screening done nevertheless to ensure that you are not at any risk for breast cancer.

You should check for these first signs of breast cancer at home at least once a month with this breast care or breast exam routine. At the same time, a diagnostic test for breast cancer is also important to detect what may not be visible to the naked eye, such as a mammogram screening. It is recommended to get a breast exam or breast check done at least once before the age of 40. Avail a breast cancer test in city_name_label to ensure you are in perfect health.

What happens during an online breast exam?

When you opt for a breast screening test at home from mfine, a female nurse will visit your home in city_name_label to perform the breast cancer screening. The breast check-up will be done with the help of a radiation-free device, making the breast screening test safe even for pregnant women. The breast cancer screening is a completely painless procedure that is used to detect lumps in the breast that are as small as 0.5 cm in size.

How is breast cancer diagnosed?

There are many tests and procedures involved in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Few of them are listed below:

Breast exam/screening: Taking up a breast screening online is one of the first steps to an early diagnosis of breast cancer. This helps in detecting any painless and painful lumps in breasts and around the armpits.

Mammograms: A mammogram screening test uses the help of X-rays. Based on the abnormality that is detected, your gynecologist will recommend further diagnostic tests to evaluate your condition.

Biopsy: A biopsy involves the detailed study of a core tissue that is extracted from your breasts for a definitive study and breast cancer diagnosis. The procedure includes the insertion of a needle into the breast tissue which is guided with the help of an X-ray device.

We at mfine offer a breast screening exam at home in city_name_label to ensure that no long queues or difficulty getting a doctor’s appointment get in the way for you from taking a breast cancer check-up. With mfine’s breast screening package in city_name_label , you can also consult with a gynecologist for an analysis of your reports.

What do we do?

Have you recently noticed a lump on your breast or close to your armpit regions? Are you worried that you might be facing symptoms of fibroadenosis or breast cancer? Book a consultation with a top gynecologist in city_name_label via mfine today!

Experts in the field, with the help of high-end technology, will carry out your breast check-up, giving you an accurate diagnosis in a matter of a few hours. This breast screening health package caters to residents of city_name_label bearing their welfare and convenience in mind. The healthcare professionals from lab_label will visit your home for a hassle-free and convenient checkup.

At mfine, we ensure you get your doctor’s consultation on your fingertips. We are a mobile health platform, aggregating branded hospitals to deliver on-demand healthcare services to patients. With a health package focusing on checking for cancerous lumps and giving you a full breast screening at your home, convenience has reached another level and at nominal rates too!


Who should take these tests?

If you are a woman above the age of 20, you should avail a breast screening test to ensure there are no undetected lumps or any risk of breast cancer. Breast care is crucial as well, and if you notice any irregularities during a self-examination, opt for a breast screening in city_name_label to reach a swift diagnosis.

When will I get the reports?

The lab will require 48 hours after your breast screening to develop the reports and upload them onto the mfine app. You can find the results on your profile when you log in to your account.

What happens once I get my results?

After the results of your mammogram screening are back, a gynecologist in city_name_label will consult with you to analyse the lab reports. In case there are any early signs of breast cancer, your doctor may order more tests or scans, and may refer you to an oncologist in city_name_label.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription for the tests?

Since a breast screening test is a preventive measure, and is taken when or if early signs of breast cancer begin to appear, you do not require a doctor’s prescription for this test. However, some people prefer to get an opinion from a gynecologist first about their symptoms before they opt for a test to detect breast cancer. In this case, a doctor will examine your first and then may prescribe this test to you.

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