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Category: Health A to Z

PCOS Pain: Natural Remedies To Relieve Cyst Pain

PCOS has to be treated appropriately as it can lead to long term metabolic complications like diabetes and cardiovascular risks.

Is Hypothyroidism Hereditary? Everything You Need To Know

Besides medication, hypothyroidism can be controlled with diet and lifestyle changes.

FAQ’s About Heart Health Answered By A Cardiologist

Your heart deserves a great amount of care, from exercising to a good diet.

COVID 19 and Thyroid Disease: Vaccine Effects

Thyroid problems are considered the second most common endocrinological disorders in the world.

What Are The Effects Of Smoking On Your Heart?

All it takes is one step to quit the dangerous habit.

What Are The Effects Of Alcohol On Your Heart?

While we’re often told that a glass of wine a day is healthy, it’s important to understand the long term effects of drinking.

Hypothyroidism During Pregnancy: Tips For A Healthy Delivery

A growing fetus can not synthesize hormones at least till the second trimester, so the fetus is completely dependent on the mother’s thyroid hormones.

Can Thin People Get Diabetes?

A recent study found that 20-30% of diabetics are, in fact, in the normal range of BMI.

Diabetes In Kids: How Do You Know If Your Child Has Diabetes?

Diabetes in children can be prevalent because of diet, lifestyle and genetic factors.

How To Shrink A Goiter Naturally: Effective Home Remedies And Tips

Thyroid hormones are tricky but very important in that they need to be managed properly.

PCOS Hair Fall: Management Of PCOS Hair Loss In Women

PCOS hair fall is one of the biggest concerns in those experiencing this condition, and there are ways to manage it as well.

5 Easy Ways For Instant Back Pain Relief

Back pain can be acute and chronic as well, and while it is common in those above thirty, it can affect those younger dramatically.

The First Trimester Of Pregnancy: What To Expect?

The trimester ends at the 13th week and 6 days of pregnancy. This short time actually sees the mother's body going through drastic changes. 

Hair Fall After Delivery: Causes And Treatment

It is normal and is not true hair loss.

Mini Heart Attack Symptoms: How Dangerous Could It Be

The most common cause of Heart attacks is abnormal fat deposition in the arteries. Simple lifestyle and diet changes can help reduce the risk to some extent.

How to Cure PCOS Permanently?

Can PCOS be cured permanently? Are PCOS and PCOD the same? While PCOS and PCOD are often used interchangeably, PCOS is a metabolic disorder and PCOD is a lifestyle condition that can be managed by PCOD diet and exercise.

Why Are Thyroid Problems More Common In Women?

Women are 5-8 times more prone to developing thyroid disorders than men and 1 in 8 women can develop a thyroid disorder during her lifetime.

7 types of Psoriasis: Triggers and Symptoms

Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes the buildup of skin cells. This can lead to the formation on scales and patches on the skin that are dry and itchy. Normally skin cells grow and fall off in a month. In Psoriasis, skin cells do this in 3 or 4 days. While it has been […]

Diaper Rashes Home Remedies: 10 Important Tips

Diaper hyenine can help a great deal to prevent diaper rashes.

Formula Vs Breast Milk: Are They The Same?

Formula vs breast milk can be a debate, but it really depends on the mother and child.