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Fibroadenosis is considered to be a severe type of cyclical changes which take place in the breasts of a woman every month. This is because of her sex hormones that vary with the menstrual cycle. The condition generally occurs in women aged between 25 years to 35 years. The lump is smooth, rubbery or firm and well-defined in shape. They move with pressure under the skin.

Fibroadenosis Symptoms

The common symptoms of fibroadenosis are

The lump or pain may appear ahead of the menstrual periods.

Fibroadenosis Causes

The lump formation or induration is a result of ‘sex hormones’ on a woman’s breast tissue. Fibroadenosis is generally benign and malignant potential of the condition is non-existent. Only a subtype of the fibroadenosis known as lobular epithelial or atypical ductal hyperplasia can show malignant potential.

Breast Cancer and Fibroadenosis

A subtype of the Fibroadenosis disease known as lobular epithelial or atypical ductal hyperplasia is related with an appreciable risk of developing breast cancer. Such patients need to be monitored with yearly mammograms and reviews.

Diagnosis of Fibroadenosis

The fibroadenosis specialist whom you can contact at mfine would advise the right diagnostic tests that include ultrasound, mammogram etc. If there is a single lump that feels like the cyst, the specialist and removes fluid from it with a needle. If after aspiration the lump disappears it proves to be a cyst. In case of an abnormal or bloody fluid, it is sent to the laboratory for examination. If the lump is not a cyst or fluid cannot be aspirated from it, then the woman has to go for a mammogram or ultrasound. If the solid area is seen instead of ‘hollow cyst’, a biopsy needs to be done.

Understanding Fibroadenosis

Fibroadenosis is the severe kind of the cyclical changes that take place in the breasts of women. The changes take place because of the sex hormones that vary with the menstrual cycle of women.

Fibroadenosis Treatment

The doctor would suggest relieving pain or discomfort with acetylsalicylic acid (ASA). Supportive treatment includes ice packs, warm compresses, gentle massage etc. Proper nutrition can contribute to the treatment of breast lumps. The general surgeon would advise a biopsy and then carry out the surgery. You can find proficient surgeons at mfine.

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