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Category: Coronavirus

10 Things To Do When You Test Positive For COVID-19

Battle the infection with the right tools and tactics.

Rising COVID-19 Cases: Exercise Precautions & Safety Tips

The negligence of safety protocols is one of the reasons for the spike in COVID-19 cases.

Is The New COVID-19 Strain More Infectious?

Our fight against the pandemic may get tougher.

4 Reasons To Wear Masks Even After Getting The Vaccine

Do not be ready to shun the important protective measures just as yet.

Is It Safe To Take The COVID Vaccine Or Not?

A vaccine’s efficacy is determined by the protection it provides against a disease.

How Do Vaccines Protect Against A Disease?

Vaccines protect the body against more than 25 diseases.

How Much Protection Do Face Masks Really Offer?

Find out if masks help protect you & others from spreading or catching COVID-19.

Why It Is Necessary To Get An RT-PCR Test Before You Set To Travel

Getting tested before a trip could help you avoid spreading the virus.

These Subtle Signs Indicate You Have Had COVID In The Past

There may be a chance that your COVID infection went undiagnosed.

COVID Recovery: Why It Is Important To Score A Negative On RT-PCR Test?

Do not feel discouraged as it will take a while to get back to the pink of your health.

Tested Positive For COVID? Make Sure Your Loved Ones Are Safe With RT-PCR Test

If you take the right precautions, it is possible to beat COVID with little to no damage.

Showing COVID-Like Symptoms? Follow These 6 Steps Next

Follow these steps below to take care of yourself & protect those around you.

Should You Get A COVID RT-PCR Test Done Only If You’re Symptomatic?

RT-PCR test is considered to be the gold standard for COVID testing.

Testing For COVID-19: Know The Different Types Of Tests

There are primarily three types of tests employed to aid the disease crisis. 

Can Vitamin D Provide Immunity Against COVID-19 Infection?

This vitamin plays a key role in strengthening the immune system.

Why Washing Hands Regularly Is So Important?

It only takes 20 seconds to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection.

The Importance Of Pulse Oximeter In The COVID-19 Crisis

This device could potentially save a life & alleviate panic during the ongoing pandemic.

5 Ways Young People Can Help Respond To The COVID-19 Outbreak

There are many ways in which today's youth can help society respond to the global pandemic the right way.

After All, When Will This Pandemic End?

Here is an update on all the questions you have been asking.

The Era Of The ‘Potentially Pandemic’

Black death, G4 virus, and combatting the endless unease.