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What Are The Possible Causes Of Nausea? Find Out

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Nausea is an uneasy sensation that causes stomach discomfort and the feeling of wanting to vomit. All of us do experience nausea at some point in our lives– and it may sometimes induce vomiting. 

While there are various reasons why one may feel nauseous, some of the causes may point towards an emergency. Medical conditions like heart attack, stroke, meningitis, etc usually present symptoms that include severe nausea- these need immediate attention. 

That being said, there are a few causes of this symptom that may indicate underlying health conditions- some that can be picked up on an online consultation or diagnosed with the help of at-home health checks.

Here are some the causes that are making you feel nauseous:

Gastritis & GERD

One of the primary reasons for experiencing nausea and vomiting is gastritis. GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease may also cause nausea, accompanied by symptoms like feeling full, belching, bloating, etc. Ulcers in the stomach can cause severe abdominal pain with nausea. Drinking alcohol, stress or eating spicy food can worsen acid reflux symptoms. 

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Some abdominal conditions 

Alcohol use is associated with liver cirrhosis and can worsen nausea if you already have it. Gall bladder & pancreatic inflammation can lead to extreme abdominal pain. Pain is one of the factors that can trigger the body to send signals to the vomiting centre in the brain, thus causing nausea.

Your doctor may prescribe liver function tests, alcohol risk assessment tests, etc in order to determine the exact cause behind your symptoms. You may also experience nausea with difficulty in urination in case of a stone in the kidney or urinary tract. You may be advised to undergo a kidney function test in this case. 

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Women health issues

Nausea is an extremely common symptom that is even considered normal during the first trimester of pregnancy. One of the first signs of pregnancy could include nausea and vomiting. Other causes like PCOD, hypothyroidism, etc can also induce this symptom.

Getting a pregnancy test done if you have missed your period (if you are sexually active) and are nauseous can help clear your doubts. If you have irregular periods associated with nausea, but you are not pregnant, your doctor may recommend PCOD test or thyroid profile test

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Many viral and bacterial infections can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. Infectious gastroenteritis is one of the most common reasons. These symptoms are consistently found in many patients suffering from the common cold and even dengue. If you have fever accompanying nausea, you may be asked to undergo a health check-up including complete blood count and dengue profile test

However, it would also be worthy to note that nausea and vomiting happen to be some of the symptoms associated with COVID-19. If you experience fever, cough and breathlessness along with the above, then make sure to consult a doctor online to get yourself an RT-PCR test for confirmation. 

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Vomiting & fatigue

Sometimes, one may experience persistent nausea, occasional vomiting and a constant sense of fatigue. This may also occur in episodes of migraine- where stress may further aggravate the condition. Getting a stress assessment test in this case would be a good option. 

If you have symptoms of vomiting and fatigue, your doctor may also recommend you to get diabetes check-up and vitamin profile test done. Diabetes and nutritional deficiencies due to dietary changes or otherwise may also make you feel queasy.

If you are facing extreme fatigue along with nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc, your doctor may recommend admission to a hospital for focussed medical care and may prescribe electrolyte tests to check for any electrolyte imbalances that may have occurred due to fluid loss.

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Other causes of feeling nauseous may also include some medication, ear infections, vertigo, etc that may need a physical examination by a doctor.

It is needless to say that the pandemic may have made things difficult for us, but it has for sure made us more aware of our health. One often dismisses nausea or self-medicates due to its common occurrence. Instead, it would be better to trust an expert. You can reach top physicians online on the MFine app and also get at-home health checks done without having to step out of your house. #CareComesHome #ConsultOnline

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