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Mental Health

Why Having A Healthy Workplace Environment Is Important?

Samya Ghosal

The workplace environment significantly influences how employees feel about work.

While awareness about toxic work environments and their harmful effects has increased, a lot of companies still do not realize the importance and advantages of having a healthy workplace.

A healthy workplace goes beyond office decors, lighting and technology. It is more about how the overall environment in the workplace makes employees feel about themselves and their work. Do they feel safe and secure or are they always on edge and anxious?

Signs of a healthy work environment

Organizations with healthy workplaces generally appear more upbeat, lively and encouraging. There is a happy and light tone to the workplace culture. There might be work pressure but there is always a work-life balance and no work stress. Employees smile more often and are generally more motivated and productive. Some of the hallmarks of a healthy workplace are-

  • Encouraging in nature
  • Empowers everyone
  • Promotes a safe and positive atmosphere
  • Boosts productivity
  • Promotes wellness and eliminates stress

Open communication, lack of office drama and supportive bosses are other features that are definitely important for a healthy workplace.

Advantages of a healthy workplace

Some of the various advantages of promoting a healthy work environment are-

  • Boosts employee morale
  • Reduces employee turnover
  • Increases productivity
  • Promotes team-building
  • Improves employee’s physical and mental health
  • Increases company profit

How to identify an unhealthy workplace

It is not very difficult to identify unhealthy or toxic workplaces. A toxic place is one that has-

  • Lack of leadership
  • Holding the meeting after the meeting
  • People letting “Joe be Joe”
  • People with “that’s not my job” attitude
  • Lack of proper communication
  • Peer pressure affecting work
  • Colleagues trying to throw each other under the bus
  • Persistent gossip culture

An unhealthy workplace can affect both the physical and mental health of employees causing problems like stress, depression, anxiety, and other health conditions.

Problems, challenges, and setbacks happen in every company. In those with healthy work environments, everyone is in it together and in a toxic workplace, they are not a team and consistently pass the buck around.

If you feel your workplace is unhealthy and is affecting your mental health then definitely seek the help of a healthcare professional and switch to a better organization that cares about its employees. Remember health always comes before work. 

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