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Common signs your toddler is ready for preschool!

Joining pre-school is a huge step for your little one. Make sure they are equipped to handle this new experience with these signs to watch out for.

A preschool offers much more than just primary education. It is a milestone in the lives of both the parent and the child since it is the first time they will be spending considerable time apart (in most cases). A pre-school is the place where your child will first learn essential life skills like socialisation and independence. Additionally, your child will be exposed to a gamut of new things from an alien environment, to a room full of unknown faces – making it all the more imperative for you to analyse if your child is preschool-ready. 

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Is my child preschool-ready?

There is no one-size-fits-all formula to determine if starting preschool for your child is a good idea. While your child may be a complete social butterfly in your presence, they may tend to feel overwhelmed and break down at school. However, there are a few obvious and hidden signs that qualify as a green signal. Few of them are mentioned below:


A school is where your child will mingle with other kids and look for a sense of mentorship and guidance in teachers. While starting preschool, it is important to take note of how friendly your child is. Encourage your child to play outdoors, make friends and interact with others. This is mainly to get them accustomed to interactions and not shy away from an unknown crowd. It is also advisable to teach them to shake hands, greet others and share toys.


The most common requirement for any preschool is that the toddler must be potty trained. Though most preschools have attenders to assist the little ones, it is better to ensure your child knows when it’s time to go. This way you can rest-assured that your child is independent enough while saving them the embarrassment of going in their pants. However, while starting preschool, make sure you always send an extra pair of clothing for untimely accidents. 

 Ability to stay engaged

There is no doubt that children tend to get distracted easily. While starting preschool, your little one will engage with many daily tasks – from art and craft to chanting nursery rhymes and reading. It is important to note if they have the ability to stick to the task they have been assigned. If your child does not prefer sitting in one place or being part of a group activity, it is advisable to give them a bit more time to grow into it. 

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Urge to express

Good communication skills signify that your child is preschool ready. This is especially important since they are going to be on their own for a good few hours of the day. They need to be able to tell their teachers and caregivers what they are going through – whether it is time to use the bathroom, feeling hungry, sleepy or just plain happy!

Comfortable with separation

Even if your child is independent, good at communication and great with people, it all comes down to the big question – can they stay away from you? This is particularly a big dilemma faced by stay-at-home parents who have always been catering to their child’s needs. Put your child to the test of separation anxiety by leaving them for a few hours with either a relative or a friend. Ensure your child knows that you do not always have to be around but find solace in the fact that your support is always available.

Apart from this, your child should have developed basic motor skills like holding a pencil or crayon or building blocks, since they will be engaging in several activities that help in brain development. These basic motor skills can help your child while starting preschool activities like drawing and painting. As a parent, you always tend to look for the best facilities for your child whether it is choosing the perfect preschool or consulting the best doctors. Reach us at mfine for expert medical support and guidance to help you through parenthood.

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