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Advanced Thyroid Care


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Advanced Thyroid Care

What is Thyroid?

The thyroid gland is present in front of your neck. It produces hormones that play a crucial role in carrying out various metabolic processes, growth and development in individuals. When normal thyroid levels become low or high, it causes the gland to dysfunction. There are two types of thyroid disorders which a thyroid blood test in Panipat can help detect. The first one is hyperthyroidism which results in an increased or overproduction of thyroid hormones, while the second one is hypothyroidism that is caused due to an insufficient production of thyroid hormones.

Measuring TSH, T3 and T4 levels helps understand which disorder is prevalent in the body, and at what magnitude. A thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) test is carried out to measure the amount of TSH in your body, which is one of the direct measures of the effective functioning of the thyroid gland. Triiodothyronine, known as T3, and thyroxine, known as T4, are hormones that regulate important bodily functions, like temperature, heart rate, and metabolism. These further influence digestion, energy, sleep, weight, and even mental health. If you experience irregularities with regards to these factors, a thyroid blood test can help profile these hormones and detect any underlying diseases.

Speaking to a thyroid specialist can help give you clarity on prevention and treatment, and the kind of diet and exercise routine you’ll need to follow. Book a thyroid blood test in Panipat to consult with an Endocrinologist in Panipat for the best thyroid care and treatment.

What is the main cause of thyroid problems?

Thyroid problems can be caused due to a range of factors from iodine deficiency to inflammation of the gland due to a bacterial or viral attack, which is why radioiodine therapy is a common treatment for thyroid disorders. It is also common for autoimmune diseases to cause thyroid problems as the immune cells can attack the thyroid gland as well. For example, hyperthyroidism can be caused due to Grave’s disease while Hashimoto’s syndrome can cause hypothyroidism.

Also, the intake of certain medicines can lead to a defect in the normal thyroid levels. A general physician in Panipat can help refer you to an endocrinologist after analysing your thyroid blood test results.

What are the early warning signs of thyroid problems?

If you show any of the following symptoms, then it is the right time to get your thyroid checked by a thyroid specialist to start treatments immediately. Here are the early signs of thyroid problems:

What does an advanced thyroid test include?

An advanced thyroid function test involves collecting a blood sample to check your thyroid hormones. An endocrinologist in Panipat will get in touch with you after the samples of your thyroid test at home have been collected and the reports have been generated. The analysis includes the following:

Thyroid stimulating hormone test: A normal TSH level is integral to health, since the levels of TSH in your body determine the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Thus your diagnosis will depend on the levels of TSH.

FT3 and FT4 test: These tests are usually taken together, and are understood in terms of their presence in the body. These hormones are bound to protein in the body, and hormones that don’t bind to anything are known as free T3 and free T4. These are available for the body to make use of as per its needs. The T3 and T4 levels help determine whether you are at risk for a thyroid disorder, or if the condition is subclinical.

Thyroid microsomal antibody test: To drive thyroid disease treatment in the right direction, it is important to narrow down the actual cause of the problem. Since thyroid problems caused due to autoimmune disorders require a different approach to thyroid care with different treatment procedures, an advanced thyroid test includes a thyroid antibody test. This test checks and measures if your body has produced any form of a microsomal antibody against your thyroid glands. These antibodies attack an enzyme called Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) and TSH that helps the gland produce hormones. Due to this, the thyroid antibody test is also commonly known as the anti-TPO test.

If you’re looking to get your thyroid checked, head out to mfine for an advanced thyroid test at home in Panipat. Once you book an appointment, a trusted lab technician from Healthians will visit your home to collect your samples. The samples will then be analyzed and your reports will be available online within 48 hours. You can also consult with top endocrinologists in Panipat as part of the package to get your queries cleared and start thyroid treatment at home if required!


Who should take these tests?

If you are experiencing symptoms of a thyroid disorder, like unexplained weight gain or loss, an unusual level of fatigue despite minimal activity, and severe hairfall, then you should book a thyroid blood test. You can speak to a general doctor in Panipat to understand your symptoms better.

Do I need to practice fasting before the blood test?

All the tests from this advanced thyroid test at home require fasting before blood test followed by sample collection. Thyroid test fasting is practiced to ensure accurate results. Thus, once you book a thyroid blood test, you will be required to keep a gap of 10-12 hours between your last meal and the time of your scheduled tests.

When will I get the reports?

Once the samples of your thyroid test at home have been collected, it takes 48 hours to process and analyse the results in our partner labs, after which, the results will be uploaded on the mfine app. You can find your results on your profile.

What happens once I get my results?

An endocrinologist in Panipat will get in touch with you once the results of your thyroid check up are in. They will speak to you regarding the analysis of the reports, and will suggest the best thyroid remedies suitable for your specific case. They will also prescribe radioactive iodine treatment or any other thyroid nodule treatment and medicine for you to take.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription for the tests?

This advanced thyroid blood test does not require a doctor’s prescription since it is taken for the purpose of prevention and detection. However, most people consult with a general doctor in Panipat for their symptoms, and they are then prescribed this health package.

What is the difference between the advanced thyroid care package and the thyroid care package?

While the thyroid care package tests the TSH, T3 and T4 levels, the advanced thyroid care package includes the same tests, as well as another more comprehensive test for deeper insights on the symptoms presented. An advanced thyroid care package includes a thyroid antibody test which looks for any signs of a microsomal antibody in the body, which a normal thyroid test at home does not cover.