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What is Balanitis; A Health Issue in Men


Balanitis refers to an inflammation in penis head and the foreskin due to an infection or any other chronic skin condition.

The warm and moist environment surrounding the foreskin often raises the chances for infection. [1]

- Requires a medical diagnosis
- Treatable by a medical professional
- Lab tests or imaging not required
- Acute; resolves within days to weeks

Maintaining good hygiene will help you in preventing the condition from getting worse. Lab tests like a serum glucose test which is used to diagnose diabetes are used; you may also be tested for any sexually transmitted disease. The risk factors of this health condition include vesicoureteral reflux in the urine backflows to the kidney and urinary retention.
People can get balanitis at any age unless if circumcised, in which case, the chances of getting Balanitis drop.


- Swelling
- Pain in the genitals
- Itching
- Redness
- Bad smelling discharge in the tip of the penis


You can use medications prescribed by your doctor or choose over-the-counter treatment.
Apart from this, keep cleansing the foreskin with lukewarm water.

Medicated anti-itch creams are recommended by the doctors to stop itching and inflammation. The prescription may also include antibiotics and antifungal medications. OTC products including antifungal creams are used.

This condition may pose a threat to your sex life as well. See a urologist or a general physician for medical advice.
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