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Dengue fever is an excruciating, weakening mosquito-borne sickness caused by any of four firmly related dengue infections. These infections are also identifiable with the germs that cause West Nile disease and yellow fever. In such cases, counseling with a general physician can end up being very useful in diagnosing the condition accurately.

Dengue fever Symptoms

If dengue is identified at an opportune time, it tends to be successfully treated with effective disease drugs. The dengue fever symptoms for such a condition are as follows:

  • Weakness and fever
  • Abnormally high body temperature
  • Loss of blood platelets
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting
  • Skin rash

Causes of Dengue fever

The main reason that is responsible for dengue fever cause is contamination. The following points state the reason behind such an affliction:

  • contact with previously infected persons
  • using contaminated water and food source
  • airborne insects as carriers

Dengue fever in relation to other kinds of fever

Like any other viral outbreaks, the dengue virus too has no absolute cure, but it can be alleviated. Therefore, in such cases, the expertise of a general physician can come in handy.

Diagnosing Dengue fever

Dengue fever treatment specialists can determine dengue contamination through a blood test to check for the infection and provide antibodies accordingly. Dengue occurs mostly from mosquito bites and is prevalent in tropical countries. Therefore, reporting any unsuspecting fever will enable your specialist to assess the likelihood that dengue contamination caused your indications. A dengue fever specialist using acquired skills, provides medications accordingly. As such, a general physician is vital for diagnosing such issues.

Dengue Fever Treatment

There is no particular medication to treat dengue disease. On the off chance that you figure you may have dengue fever; you should utilize pain relievers with acetaminophen and stay away from prescriptions with medicine like aspirin, which could intensify bleeding. You ought to likewise rest, drink a lot of liquids, and see your specialist.

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