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Fatigue Syndrome: What Are the Common Symptoms


The fatigue syndrome refers to a condition where the fatigue or weariness does not subside for over 6 months. The condition may not improve even after taking enough rest. It may accompany with some sleep disorders. Exercising or over-exerting oneself can lead to worsening the situation even more.

Women are more prone than men to get fatigue syndrome. [1]

- It is a condition where different treatments can help to improve it but there is no permanent cure for it.
- 20 to 40 years is the age group where it is more likely to affect people.
- Lab tests are needed to ascertain the condition.
- Genetic and Environmental factors are considered to be the main cause of the condition.
- A medical diagnosis can confirm the occurrence of the CFS.


People generally experience:
- Extreme fatigue
- Pain in joints and muscles
- Disturbances in sleep
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Headache
- Sore throat


Self Care:
Relaxation methods: Some relaxation procedures like breathing techniques, yoga and meditation can assist in helping out of the condition.
Stress management: Trying out some activities which would let loose out the stress.

Antidepressants may be administered by doctors.

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