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Burning Sensation in Feet? This is what you need to know


Burning sensation in feet is also known as Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome. It is a condition when the feet become uncomfortably hot and painful.

Burning Sensation in Feet is a very common problem in people aged 50 years or more. [4]

Burning Sensation in Feet can
Affect people of any age
Requires a medical diagnosis
Lab tests and imaging required
Can be chronic

Burning sensation in the feet may become more intense at night but may be relieved during the day time. This may be caused due to nerve damage in the legs which is also called neuropathy. Though many medical conditions may cause this disorder but diabetes remains the most common cause.


The symptoms of Burning feet are:
- Sensations of heat or burning which worsen at night
- Numbness in the feet or legs
- Sharp pain
- Heaviness in the feet
- Skin redness
- Prickling or tingling in the feet
- Burning feet may result from various conditions or diseases:
- Nerve damage
- Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
- Diabetes
- Hypothyroidism
- Allergies


Soaking feet in cold water, or in Epsom salts or Apple Cider Solution may provide temporary relief. However, one should consult their doctor before trying out any of these methods. Taking a turmeric supplement and massaging feet can also be additional benefits.

Doctors usually recommend antifungal prescription for athlete’s foot, Vitamin B supplements, and Thyroid supplements. If there is severe nerve pain then doctors might recommend Electric nerve stimulation, Magnetic Therapy, Laser Therapy or Light Therapy.

For other kinds, do consult a physician at the earliest. Visit mfine website for more insights into health information. You can also join us on board for a holistic treatment.

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