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Why Should You Go For A Vitamin Deficiency Panel?

Binish Ahmed

A diet that is lacking in essential vitamins can lead to a lot of unpleasant symptoms.

What are vitamins?

Vitamins are important nutrients that are required in small quantities. They boost immunity, strengthen bones, heal wounds, improve vision and are responsible for healthy hair and skin. 

What is vitamin deficiency?

Lack of vitamins in the body leads to vitamin deficiency. A diet that is lacking in essential nutrients can lead to a lot of unpleasant symptoms. If a vitamin deficiency is ignored for a long time, it can lead to serious health complications.

What are the symptoms of a vitamin deficiency?

There are many symptoms of vitamin deficiency but prominent ones are:

Why is a vitamin deficiency panel important?

We have busy lives and follow hectic schedules. In this daily hustle, we often forget to eat well. Vitamins are essential nutrients that are required for the normal functioning of our body. Its deficiency can cause a lot of uncomfortable symptoms and may lead to serious health complications if ignored. A vitamin deficiency test can help you assess what vitamins you are lacking and help you understand what measures you should take to eat healthily.

What happens in a vitamin deficiency panel?

The following health screenings are conducted:

Vitamin D levels: Low vitamin D levels are quite common in people living in urban areas, as sunlight exposure can be reduced. Ignoring this deficiency can lead to bone problems and fatigue. This test measures the level of this vitamin in your body.

Vitamin B12 levels: Low vitamin B12 levels can lead to weakness, fatigue, and anemia. This test measures the level of this vitamin in your body.

Folate check: This vitamin helps in blood formation. Females especially require folate as the deficiency can lead to abnormal fetal development. This test measures the level of this vitamin in your body.

Why should you take this test?

If you feel symptoms of a vitamin deficiency, it is best that you get a test done. Neglecting the symptoms can lead to severe health consequences. Once your blood test reveals that you have a vitamin deficiency, the doctor will help you with the right treatment plan which will involve the restoration of your vitamin levels.

How to book a vitamin deficiency panel online?

You can easily book a vitamin deficiency panel online through the mfine app and get your tests done conveniently at your home. Download the mfine app and connect with highly experienced doctors near you.

The email ID needs to be in the form of xxx@yyy.zzz

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