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How To Identify And Treat Your Gallbladder Polyp?


Gallbladder polyps are abnormal growth of tissues with a stalk that protrude from the lining of the insides of a person’s gallbladder.

About 95 percent of the gallbladder polyps are benign. [1]

-Requires medical diagnosis
-Can be medically treated
-Resolves after surgical procedures

Gallbladder polyp can become malignant (cancerous) but only in extremely rare cases. If the size of the polyp increases beyond ¾”, it has a high probability of turning out to be cancerous.


Most cases of polyp do not show any symptoms and do not hamper with your daily functioning. However, the following symptoms may be associated with polyps:
● Occasional pain in the right part of the upper abdomen(hypochondrium)
● Nausea
● Vomiting
These symptoms are generally diagnosed during tests that are conducted for other unrelated illnesses. A gallbladder polyp can be identified using an abdominal or an endoscopic ultrasound.


Self-care: For polyps less than ½” in size, regular monitoring is required to check for the growth. This requires multiple ultrasound tests. One should visit a doctor for undergoing the tests if the polyp is detected.

Medication: Surgical intervention is necessary for the removal of polyps. This procedure involves the complete surgical removal of the gallbladder. It is called cholecystectomy. However, cholecystectomy is generally prescribed when polyps are present along with gallstones and the polyp may show signs of becoming cancerous.

Specialists: Gallbladder polyps may be present without any symptoms. Although they are mostly non-cancerous, there are slight chances of it becoming cancerous. Hence, a proper diagnosis is required. Most cases resolve completely after getting operated. Our doctors at mfine believe in providing a holistic approach to healthcare and overall wellbeing. Feel free to contact us regarding any issues about your health.

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