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A three-dimensional (3D) Computed tomography (CT) scan is used to capture internal images of body parts using special X-rays.

What is 3D CT Scan?

In a 3D CT scan, many X-rays encircle a particular body part to provide multiple images from all angles. These images are combined by a computer to give a 3D CT scan.

A modern 3D CT scan machine can capture up to 650 slices of the body part at a time, which are compiled to give 3D model [1].

 It gives clear images of body parts like the lungs, brain, bones, abdomen, etc.

Helps detect tumors, fractures, or internal injuries.

3D CT scan can guide surgeons during biopsy or surgery.

Contrast dyes like iodine or barium sulphate highlight the organ being scanned.

 A 3D CT scan is used when X-ray fails to give accurate images to aid diagnosis.

How is 3D CT Scan performed?

Patients undergoing a 3D CT scan are asked to lie still on their back on the table in the centre of the machine.

A dye may be given orally or injected before the 3D CT scan.

Patient has to hold breath for a few seconds for every scan.

A computer compiles captured images.

A 3D CT scan is completed within 10-15 minutes.

Risks of 3D CT Scan

As X-rays are used in 3D CT scan, exposure to radiation is unavoidable among other risks –

Risk of cancer is less than 1 in 2000

Risk of harming the foetus in pregnant women.

Allergic reactions to dye.

Preparation before performing 3D CT Scan

A complete medical history of the patient is taken.

The patient wears a loosefitting gown, without any metal accessories.

Food and water consumption should be avoided before 3D CT scan.

Post-care after 3D CT Scan

If lactating, avoid breastfeeding for at least 24 hours after contrast 3D CT scan.

Patients must drink plenty of water to flush out the dye.

The patient is observed for some time.

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