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All You Need To Know About Diffuse Unpatterned Alopecia

Diffuse unpatterned alopecia is a condition characterized by widespread hair loss and thinning that permeates throughout the entire scalp.

About 2-6 % of men have this pattern of hair loss.

- Self-diagnosable

- Can be treated by a medical professional

- Lab testing or imaging rarely required

- Mid-term: can take up to several weeks or months to get treated

Diffuse Unpatterned Alopecia or DUPA is not the same as normal alopecia as there is no particular area of the scalp that can get affected. It usually presents itself as a hair loss problem on the sides and the back of the head at first, unlike male pattern hair loss (MPH), which typically occurs at the hairline and the crown. It does not result in one pattern of hair loss and causes a change in hair density.

Similarly, the same condition in women may at times be mistaken with typical female pattern balding. Alopecia in women is more common as compared to men. If you are noticing symptoms of balding, don’t hesitate to consult a hair fall doctor. Book an instant consultation with a hair fall doctor near me through the mfine app.

Ages affected: any age group, especially adults


The symptoms of alopecia in women and men may include rampant thinning of hair throughout the scalp and frontal hair loss which looks like unpatterned hair loss. Hair thinning occurs on the front, back or sides of the scalp.

Other common symptoms are miniaturization or shortening or hair strands and medical issues like autoimmune deficiencies, iron deficiency or thyroid.

With proper, timely treatment from mfine’s best dermatologists and hair fall specialists, you can recover from this condition.


A hair fall doctor will tell you that diffuse unpatterned alopecia is caused by physical stress (eg- after major surgery, high fever, etc), intense emotional stress, poor eating habits such as inadequate intake of protein and other nutrients and diseases such as anaemia and liver failure.


Self-care: Avoid opting for a hair transplant as it is not a safe option in the long term. The hair follicles have lost the ability to produce healthy hair and since a transplant requires the hair to be dissected from one part of the scalp to another, it would not work.

Medication: Medical treatment is the best option in the case of androgenic alopecia treatment. Platelet-rich plasma including medication are the best.

Dermatologists: For medical and androgenic alopecia treatment, contact a hair fall doctor near me skin specialist. At mfine, our only priority is to provide you with the finest range of doctors who can provide you with the best healthcare treatments. Download the app and book an appointment with a hair fall clinic near me!

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