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Parenting At Home: Tips To Take Care Of Your Children

Samya Ghosal

Take special care & precautions in order to ensure the health of your children.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on all of us. While we are all doing our best to brace through this crisis, parents need to take special care and precautions in order to ensure the health of their children. With schools shutting down and physical distancing being the new normal, this can be a lot to take in for parents. 

Mentioned below are some important parenting tips which will help them take care of their children and bond better with them.

Spend some one-on-one time with them

Every day, spend at least 20 minutes with your child. Preferably it should be the same time each day so that the children have something to look forward to. Ask about activities that they would be interested in such as listening to a story, learning or listening to music, drawing with pencils or crayons, or helping with school work. Let them choose, as giving them this freedom builds up confidence, a trait very much necessary during these trying times.

Keep things positive

It might be difficult to feel at peace due to the stress of the lockdown, but it is extremely important that you don’t exert your stress on your children. If you see a problematic behaviour in your children, then always use positive reinforcement to correct them. For example- say “please put your clothes away” instead of saying “Don’t make a mess!”. Always speak in a calm voice and make sure that your delivery is positive. Remember to praise your children when you see them doing something well. 

Establish a structure

Due to the pandemic, school routines and daily work have taken a big hit. Making and establishing a routine for your children can help bring some semblance of normalcy back in their lives. Make sure that the routine is flexible with enough time for breaks and relaxation. Include healthy habits such as eating fruits and vegetables, exercising daily, and meditation among other activities. This routine can also include time to teach them about precautions such as social distancing, washing hands, and the importance of wearing protective masks.

Have conversations about COVID-19

One of the most important parenting tips here is to have healthy conversations about the current crisis. Be honest and supportive regarding the crisis and what they are going through. Allow them to ask questions and it is completely okay to admit that you do not have all the answers right now. Doing so will allow them to process these times better and will equip them with moral strength and support to brace through this.

Apart from these tips, parents should routinely check the mental and physical wellbeing of their children. It is always good to remind them that there are people around them who care. If you notice that their health might have taken a hit during the lockdown, then definitely consult online with a paediatrician. Parents have a special responsibility during this time to ensure that their children come out of this crisis unscathed. We all need to provide support to those having an especially hard time during this crisis. India Khayal Rakhna.

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