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breast congestion


A condition which results in delicate, uneven, sore or fibrocystic breasts. Of all the breast conditions congested breast tissue is the most common condition among women.

An expected 85 percent of breast malignant growths happen in ladies who have no family history of the disease.[1]

- The doctor can prescribe anti-toxin treatment.
- Happens only in women
- Results in fibrocystic breast changes with zones of thick breast tissue, pimples, and breast protuberances.

The milk emitting part of your breast is made out of glandular cells that deplete into lactiferous pipes. These cells increase in size and number and the pipes themselves broaden. Your breasts may turn out to be progressively knotty, swollen and delicate as period approaches.

Ages affected - below 40 – often; After 40 – most often


Symptoms include inflammation and redness all of which are reasons to consult a physician or oncologist.

At the site of the pain, there might be the following signs-

- The nipples might be extended and straightened by the forward weight of the fluid deposit under the areola
- shuddering (like flu), redness
- Inflammation and occasional fever.


Avoid wearing tight bras and use vitamin E and soy supplements in your diet.

Consult with a doctor so as to get anti-toxin treatment. It is imperative to rest and to stay hydrated. There is no compelling reason to quit breastfeeding. The condition and its treatment don't influence the infant.

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