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Do You Feel Bloated Often? Find Out The Reasons Of Bloating

Dr. Pragnya Rao

Bloating causes your tummy to look larger than usual, & it may also feel painful.

Probably all of us have felt this, that feeling of being too full even though we may not have eaten a lot? Quite often, bloating is related to gas and acidity issues, sometimes noticed after eating a heavy or spicy meal, as well as when you have constipation.  

However, contrary to popular belief, bloating is not always caused due to gas. If you are experiencing bloating constantly then you should definitely consult a doctor as it may point towards a health issue. Mentioned below are some of the reasons behind bloating that you should be on the lookout for-


While carbohydrates are responsible for providing energy to the body, consuming too much at one go makes the body retain water which makes you feel bloated. Added to this overeating especially fatty foods, in a short span of time can also lead to bloating. If you feel bloated often after eating, then you should definitely get an obesity risk assessment done and consult with a doctor about diet and lifestyle choices.

Dairy products

If you cannot easily digest milk and milk products or are lactose intolerant, then consuming them can lead to bloating. This is not the same as dairy allergy which is far more serious. 

Liver disease

This can be caused due to alcohol abuse, hepatitis C, liver cancer and other conditions. Liver disease can also cause bloating due to the slow build-up of fluids. If you develop symptoms of jaundice or bruise easily, then you should go for a full body check and ensure that you sign up for liver panels. 


The hormonal changes during periods often cause bloating in women during their periods. However, if someone is experiencing persistent bloating even after periods, or are experiencing bloating along with menstrual irregularities, then they should definitely sign up for a comprehensive full body check for women.

Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety not just affects the mind, but the body as well. It can lead to backaches and stomach discomforts like bloating. Not only this, but stress also makes irritable bowel syndrome worse leading to further feelings of being bloated. A stress assessment check can definitely be helpful for those who are strenuous working conditions or are facing stress in their personal lives. 

While bloating is common and may point towards underlying health conditions, it is not very difficult to manage. Taking simple steps like controlling the amount of food and type of diet, engaging in regular exercises daily, watching out for allergens and getting routine health checks can help in understanding the reason behind bloating and then fix it. If you feel bloated on a regular basis, then you should definitely consult with a gastroenterologist and get yourself checked. Download the mfine app and get in touch with the best gastroenterologists from your city.

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