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  • Checks the presence of active SARS-CoV-2 virus
  • Indicates if you currently have the COVID-19 infection
  • Note : It is a nasal/oral swab test
  • You need to email Aadhar softcopy to post order booking
  • Your report will be available within 24-48 hours of sample pickup

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Accreditation: NABL,CAP,ISO 27001,NGSP (for HbA1c)

Thyrocare is India's first fully automated diagnostic laboratory with a focus on providing quality care at affordable costs

  • Centralized laboratory processing 60,000 samples daily
  • State of the art diagnostic infrastructure for accuracy & precision
  • ISO 9001:2008 and CAP (College of American Pathologists) certified

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  • Lab Team will coordinate with you for exact slot time for sample collection and address confirmation
  • Lab Technician will wear the PPE kit and all safety measures will be ensured
  • As per ICMR norms Specimen Referral Form (SRF) will be filled by the lab. For this an OTP will be generated on the registered phone number and has to be shared with the Lab
  • Your reports will be uploaded on the app within 24-48 hours of sample collection
  • Online consultation with a senior doctor will be scheduled for you along with the reports


Thyrocare Delhi (Covid Home Care)

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RT PCR Test in Delhi: Procedure & Test Results

What is the COVID-19 RT PCR test?

The RT PCR test in Delhi is a diagnostic procedure used to determine the presence of the virus causing COVID-19. (Sars -Cov-2) Being highly accurate, it is considered to be one of the most reliable methods to detect an active coronavirus infection. During the procedure, the lab technician uses a sterile swab to carefully collect the contents from inside your throat or nose. Once collected, they are sent to a lab in your locality in Delhi for a detailed analysis.

Who should book an online COVID test in Delhi?

Delhi experienced a learning curve while handling COVID cases from March to June of 2020. While we are seeing a reversing trend with a high recovery rate, it is still imperative to identify the instances where one should perform an RT PCR test in Delhi.

Book an online COVID test in Delhi if:

  • You present COVID 19 symptoms, such as cough, fever, shortness of breath, and sore throat
  • You are about to travel to a new place
  • You’ve just arrived from another city/country
  • You’ve moved to a new town or city
  • You closely interacted with a COVID infected person
  • You’ve visited a high-risk region
  • You are caring for a COVID infected person
  • You are currently recovering from the disease and require a re-test

If the above-mentioned points apply to your situation, or if you have been diagnosed with chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, etc. then performing an RT PCR test in Delhi becomes crucial. In any case, if you have medical questions related to a specific health condition, you can refer to our in-depth medical guides for more information. You can also consult a general doctor in Delhi if you have any health concerns.

How can you book an online corona test in Delhi?

You can book an online COVID 19 test in Delhi after fulfilling the mandatory requirements as per the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), which includes:

  • Any Government ID, such as a Voter ID, Passport, or Aadhar Card. This is to provide the lab processing the sample with the contact information of the suspected patient.
  • In Delhi, you will also be asked to provide a doctor's prescription stating the coronavirus test requirement.
  • You will also need to provide travel details and information regarding any interactions with a COVID-19 patient. (If any)

While Karnataka has been showing a reversing trend in COVID cases since November 2020, it is still crucial to get yourself checked if you suspect that you may have contracted the disease. You can schedule an appointment for the COVID RTPCR test in Delhi in the following ways:

  • At government labs by visiting the centre.
  • At private labs or diagnostic centres. Some of the COVID testing labs in Delhi are Command Hospital, NIV Lab, NIMHANS Lab, etc. You can also simply search for “corona test near me”, on the MFine App to get a list of labs that are currently performing COVID tests near you.
  • By booking a coronavirus test online in Delhi on the MFine App from the comfort of your home.

How can I book an RT PCR test at home in Delhi?

You can book a COVID RT PCR test at home in Delhi easily on the MFine App.

The steps you need to follow to book an online corona test in Delhiare:

Step 1: Sign in to your MFine account

Step 2: Choose the RT-PCR test

Step 3: Upload your doctor’s prescription and a soft copy of your Government ID

Step 4: Select the date and time slot of your preference

Step 5: The lab technician will arrive at your doorstep to collect your sample

Step 6: Receive your medical reports on the MFine App

Step 7: Avail your free online doctor consultation with a top general doctor in Delhi

With MFine, you can receive top healthcare services from the comfort of your home. We aim to make medical care affordable and accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere! With a complete health package focussing on RT PCR procedure in Delhi, you can conveniently access the best medical service to fight the COVID-19 infection online!

How do I interpret my RT PCR results?

  • Positive RT PCR Results: A positive result indicates that you have an active COVID-19 infection. If tested positive, you must isolate yourself from your family until you test negative. You can either self-quarantine at home, or you can move to a COVID-19 care centre or hospital in Delhi depending on the severity of your symptoms. The most important step you need to take is to consult an online general doctor in Delhi and ask for follow-up medical advice. This includes the medications you need to take, dietary changes, and your recovery course.
  • Negative RT PCR Results: A negative test result indicates that you do not have a COVID-19 infection. However, a negative result should not stop you from following the COVID-19 safety instructions in Delhi. Thus, continue social distancing and wear a mask when you leave the house.

Can an antibody test detect the COVID-19 virus?

There’s a common misconception that an antibody test can be used to determine the presence of an active COVID-19 infection. However, as the name suggests, an antibody test can only be used to check for antibodies you’ve developed for the infection. Unlike the COVID RTPCR test, the COVID-19 antibody test is not used for diagnostic purposes. However, if you know someone who was diagnosed with coronavirus disease in the recent past, it is recommended that they perform a COVID-19 antibody test to understand their immunity status against the infection.


What are the COVID-19 symptoms I should be aware of?

The most commonly reported symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, fatigue, and dry cough. Other COVID symptoms also include:

  • Muscle/joint pain
  • Loss of taste/smell
  • Diarrhoea
  • Sore throat
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • Diarrhoea
  • Loss of appetite, confusion
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nasal congestion
  • Pain in the chest

If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you should consider booking an online doctor consultation as soon as possible. The doctor may suggest you perform an online corona test in Delhi to confirm an infection if there’s any. With an online medical appointment, you will not have to worry about infecting other people.

Does the coronavirus disease affect individuals of all age groups?

Individuals above the age of 60 and with underlying conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart problems, etc. are more at risk of developing severe symptoms of COVID-19, if infected. However, it is important to be cautious as anyone can get seriously ill from the coronavirus disease. If you are concerned about having contracted the COVID-19 disease, book a COVID RTPCR test at home in Delhi through MFine. Also, consider performing a COVID-19 risk assessment test to get a better understanding of all the risk factors for developing the disease.

I came in close contact with a COVID infected person. What should I do now?

If you’ve interacted with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, then immediately isolate yourself in a room. Wear a mask and maintain at least a 2-meter distance from people near you. In any case, consult a general physician online in your city as soon as possible. They will recommend you for a coronavirus test online in Delhi.

Should my family get tested too if the doctor has prescribed an RT-PCR test for me?

Yes, your family needs to get tested as well if you have been in close contact with them. You can easily book a coronavirus test online in Delhi on the MFine App.

Do negative COVID test results mean that I can return to work?

If you test negative and do not show any symptoms, you can resume work. Make sure you discuss it with the doctor. In any case, a general doctor in Delhi may recommend full body health check up to understand the state of your health after the novel infection.

What is the COVID RT PCR cost in Delhi?

You can now book this COVID diagnostic test on our website and the MFine App. The RT PCR cost in Delhi starts at ₹1800. If you are searching for “corona test near me”, you can simply log on to the MFine App and get a list of labs that are currently performing COVID tests near you.