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  • Risk Assessment: Diabetes and Cholesterol
  • Organ Health Evaluation: Liver, Kidney, Thyroid
  • Deficiency Check: Iron and Vitamin D
  • Tumour Marker: Carcino Embryonic Antigen(CEA)

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What is Smoker’s Risk Assessment?

Smoking is extremely bad for your body and can have several debilitating effects on your overall health and vital organs. Regular smokers are at a high risk for many long-term diseases and irreversible damage that leaves a lasting impact on your health. Lung cancer caused by smoking is one of the most common and devastating consequences of habitual smoking. A Smoker’s Risk Assessment allows you to check for any such damage that is being caused. A blood sample, as well as a urine sample, is required to check for blood cholesterol levels, liver function, kidney function, thyroid levels, and blood sugar levels. You will also undergo a pulmonary function test.

At MFine, you can get a Smoker’s Risk Assessment test done at home and discuss the same with top pulmonologists or top general physicians near you.

Why should you do a Smoker’s Risk Assessment?

Excessive smoking and smoking, in general, is bad for the body, especially the lungs and heart. Chronic smokers are at a higher risk of developing heart diseases, lung diseases such as COPD and lung cancer, and chronic bronchitis. The risk of smoking also extends to the immune system and increases the chances of tuberculosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Thus, to ensure that your internal organs remain healthy and disease-free, it's important for all smokers to do a smoker’s risk assessment test.

What should you expect from a Smoker’s Risk Assessment Test?

Smoker’s Risk Assessment examines the following:

  • Health of the lungs: Your lungs are the direct recipients of the harmful tobacco when you smoke and are therefore more likely to get affected by smoking than other organs. The smoke damages your airways and the small air sacs(alveoli) leading to diseases such as COPD, emphysema, and bronchitis. Thus, a Pulmonary function test is done to determine the risk of smoking on the health of your lungs. It is a non-invasive test that measures lung flow, airflow, and oxygen inflow and outflow among other things. An additional blood test is done to check for deficiencies and underlying conditions.
  • Health of the liver: Smoking causes the body to produce more cytokines which lead to inflammation of the liver and further liver damage. In some cases, excessive smoking can also lead to liver cirrhosis. Thus, a full liver panel is done to ensure there is no chronic liver disease.
  • Health of the kidneys: Smoking can cause serious damage to your kidneys in the long run. Since the cardiovascular function is closely related to kidney function, high blood pressure caused by smoking can lead to kidney diseases. A kidney function test is therefore important.
  • Risk of cholesterol: Excessive smoking also puts you more at risk for increase in cholesterol levels. This, in turn, is likely to make you diabetic.
  • Vitamin deficiency: Especially Vitamin D and Iron, to ensure that there is no deficiency of vitamins due to smoking. A Vitamin profile test is therefore included in this package.
  • Thyroid health: The thyroid helps regulate metabolic processes in the body. Smoking may have an effect on thyroid function and is, therefore, an important part of the smoker’s risk assessment test.
  • Sputum test and Tumor markers: To check for the level of toxicity caused by tobacco and the presence of carcinogens in your bloodstream (since smoking causes different types of cancers that can be identified by tumour markers).

What do we do at the Smoker’s risk assessment?

MFine offers a smoker’s risk assessment health packages right at your doorstep. Our well-trained and professional phlebotomist will come to your doorstep and the results are then posted on the conducts the pulmonary function test at home. You can check the results on the MFine app within 48 hours.
You can take this test from the convenience of your home and additionally you can also consult with top general physicians in Bahadurgarh on MFine to understand to discuss the results from the smoker’s risk assessment report. Your first consultation is free. Download the MFine app now!


  1. What are the dangers of smoking?

Smoking is extremely bad for the body, especially the lungs and heart. Smokers, especially heavy smokers, are at a higher risk of developing heart diseases, lung diseases such as COPD and lung cancer, and chronic bronchitis. Smoking also affects the immune system and increases the chances of tuberculosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

  1. How does smoking kill you?

Smoking, in addition to destroying your lungs, directly attacks the heart and blood vessels leading to cardiovascular disorders and heart attacks . It also leads to lung cancer or cancer of the nose, throat, and mouth which can be fatal.

  1. How many cigarettes a day is heavy smoking?

While there is no fixed statistic, smoking about a pack a day certainly qualifies as heavy smoking. In fact, even passive smoking or smoking fewer than 5 cigarettes can have debilitating effects.

  1. Should I meet a doctor to address my smoking habit?

You should certainly meet a doctor if you have a strong urge to quit and become healthy. More importantly, you should do a smoker’s risk assessment test first to see the extent of the damage caused due to smoking.

  1. How can I control smoking?

Controlling smoking is just as, or if not, more difficult than quitting sometimes.

A smoker’s risk assessment test will give you insights into the health of your lungs and encourage you to quit smoking. It’s often a motivating first step to cut down on smoking and eventually try quitting. You can also meet a pulmonologist to discuss how to proceed.

At MFine, you can get a Smoker’s Risk Assessment test done at home and consult with top pulmonologists or top general physicians near you to discuss a course of treatment for you!