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What is leukorrhea?


Leukorrhea is a clear or white vaginal discharge that becomes sticky and slippery during ovulation. A change in color or the amount of the discharge or smell in the discharge suggests injection or disease of the female reproductive system.

Women all over the world at some point in their life experience vaginal discharge called Leukorrhea. [1]

- Microbiological culture tests are required.
- Vaginal and cervix pH need to be determined.
- Blood tests and urine tests to detect infections.
The cause of pathological leukorrhea could be a fungal infection caused by Candida albicans which leads to white and lumpy discharge. It can also be caused by Trichomonas vaginalis that affects both the lining of the vagina and cervix. It causes vaginal discharge and chronic inflammation.


- Persistence and abundance of vaginal discharge
- Pain during micturition
- Lethargy and weakness
- Itching around the genital region
- Headaches
- Spots on undergarments
- Pain in the pelvic region and calves
- Change in color and odour of the discharge and yellow or green, thick, milky discharge with bad odour


- Exercise regularly.
- Do yoga regularly as it tones the muscles of genital organs and helps in recovery of leukorrhea.

- Doctors may prescribe antibiotics to kill the infectious agent.
- Another option is to use vaginal cream or gel form, as it can be more soothing for the inflamed, sore vaginal lining.

Specialist: Always consult your gynecologist when the vaginal discharge is too heavy. We at Mfine make sure that your each and every disease is thoroughly treated, so you can have a healthy body.

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