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Phimosis: Things you should know


Condition when pulling back of foreskin cannot be retracted (pulled back) over the head of the penis/glans.

According to Danish survey, the mean age of retraction (pulling back) foreskin of penis is 10.4 years. [1]
-To be treated by a doctor only
-Need medical examination for treatment/diagnosis
-Lab tests not required
-Can resolves within months

It is normal in babies/toddlers who generally does not require any treatment unless causing problem in urinating or causes other symptoms like redness, soreness or swelling. Phimosis can develop naturally or can result from scarring.

Ages affected - between 0 - 2 - most often; between 3 - 13 - more often; 12 and above - often


If the foreskin around the penis appear as a rubber band and cannot be pulled back or difficult to pass the glans.

People may experience:
Common symptoms: swelling, problem in urinating or weak urinary stream
With other symptoms such as infection around foreskin, bleeding or soreness or swelling or pain requires medical treatment.


Self-care: It can last for some until 17 years and does not need treatment. If the foreskin becomes fully grown retractable or may face pain in urinating, redness swelling then the medical diagnosis is needed. Keeping private part clean and dry can minimize the risk of infection.

Treatment depends on the severity of the diagnosis, medication includes creams such as steroid cream if the problem remains removal of the foreskin (circumcision) is performed.

Specialists: Pediatrician or pediatric urologist or adult urologist can help in the health problem. Visit mfine to know more and get help from the specialists who have built holistic treatment program for health issues.

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