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Discomfort of Geographic Tongue


The geographic tongue is a condition in which map like structure form on the upper and side surface of tongue. It may occur in other areas of your mouth.
Affecting about 1% to 3% of people. It is more common in women than in men. [1]
These are pinkish white coloured and rugged bumps. The cause of is unknown and it is found to be frequent in patients with psoriasis.
● Easy to diagnose
● Can be self cured
Ages affected - Geographic tongue can show up at any age. Mostly it tends to affect middle-aged or older adults.


The signs are different and distinct which includes smooth, red, irregularly shaped patches (lesions) with frequent changes in the location, size and shape. The pain and burning sensation during contact with food.
Self diagnosable - Some people may not recognize the changes but symptoms like red and patchy tongue which causes burning during eating is the indication to meet physician.

People may experience
Fissured tongue
Often people suffer from another disorder called fissured tongue, the appearance of deep grooves on the tongue.


Self care
Avoid cigarette, spicy and hot food which are sensitive to the tongue.
Over-the-counter pain medicines like ibuprofen can be used to overcome pain. Oral pain relievers and vitamin B and zinc supplements also preferred.
If it resolves within 10 days, meet your dentist. mfine is always helpful in connecting you with the best doctors.

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