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A proper and nutritious diet is one of the most essential factors of our lives. It provides us the energy in the form of micro and macronutrients. To live a healthy life, contacting a dietitian in Indore can go a long way; therefore, we at mfine have made a list of the best dietitian in Indore at our website. Often nutrition doctor in Indore is employed by athletes and heavy trainers for a personalized diet chart. They are also known to provide dietitian online consultation that one can readily avail from the comfort of their homes.

Dieticians for overall health

Unique Lifestyle and Nutrition Needs- A lifestyle of heavy working activities also requires a proper diet control. Therefore, find your dietitian through the option “dietitian near me" provided on our website.

Allergies and Intolerance- Problems like allergies and infections arising from imbalanced and improper dietary habits may cause intestinal problems.  To avoid such conditions, a nutritionist in Indore can be of great help.

Weight Loss- Improper intake of essential calories and nutrients can cause massive weight loss and may result in malnutrition.

Diet Specific to Diseases and Conditions- Conditions such as stomach cramps, infection of the small intestine, food poisoning, etc. are directly related to dietary habits. Improper foods and unhygienic snacks generally cause such problems. The services of a dietitian can go a long way in such cases.

Pregnancy Diet- A pregnant woman mainly has to have a lot of calories intake and must take special care in selecting the food items she consumes. This is where a dietitian comes in and provides the would-be mother with the list of food habits she must follow during this period.

Overall Wellness- A well balanced nutritious diet is essential for the wellbeing of any person. Therefore, the dietitian with his/her extensive knowledge of the nutritional value the food can suggest the right kind of diet.

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B.Sc, M.Sc (Applied Nutrition)


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10+ Years exp ₹999 ₹399

B.Sc, M.Sc (Dietetics)


 Speaks: English, हिन्दी, मराठी

8+ Years exp ₹999 ₹399

B.Sc, M.Sc (Food and Nutrition)


 Speaks: English, മലയാളം, தமிழ், हिन्दी

2+ Years exp ₹999 ₹399

B.Sc, M.Sc (Clinical Nutrition and ...


 Speaks: English, தமிழ், हिन्दी

7+ Years exp ₹999 ₹399

B.Sc, M.Sc (Food and Nutrition)


 Speaks: हिन्दी, English

5+ Year exp ₹999 ₹399

B.Sc, M.Sc (Applied Nutrition)


 Speaks: English, हिन्दी, తెలుగు

7+ Years exp ₹999 ₹399

B.Sc, PG Diploma in Dietetics and T...


 Speaks: English, हिन्दी

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