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How To Get Rid Of Scabies?


A pruritic skin infestation caused by a type of mite.
Scabies affects more than 130 million people globally (1)

- A highly contagious disease that passes from one person to another through direct contact
- Leads to intense itching and causes redness in the skin
- Does not require lab tests
- Both men and women are susceptible

Scabies will take up to six weeks to show the symptoms after initial exposure. It spreads quickly through physical contact in communities, schools, hospitals etc. hence treatment is often advised. It can be cured and treated within a few days to weeks.

Ages Affected: Between 0-2– Less often; between 3-40 – Most Often; 40 and above –Most often


The most common symptoms of scabies include rash and intense itching in the skin which may worsen at night.
Common location for scabies:
Children and Adults: Wrist, elbow, armpit, penis, nipples, waist, buttocks, area between the fingers
Babies and Toddlers: Head, face, neck, hands, soles of the feet


Self-care: Practise healthy hygiene habits. You can try home remedies in the initial stages.
Medication: Prescription ointments, creams or lotions are applied directly on the skin.
Specialists: If you don’t see any difference in the symptoms after initial treatment, consult a dermatologist. At mfine, we are here to help you take steps towards a healthy life.

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