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Learn how you can manage Keratolysis exfoliativa with the help of a skin specialist near me.


Keratolysis exfoliativa is the focal peeling of your palms and soles. Of all the affected individuals, around 50% of cases are seen during the summer months. It may be more common among individuals who have sweaty palms.

  • Self-diagnosable
  • Symptoms may go away on their own
  • Short-term; resolves within a few days or weeks

It is characterized by local flaking of palms and in some cases feet. There is no known cause of the disease. It is usually seen in young adults. An individual could also have a family history of the condition. This condition can be quite uncomfortable, so make sure you visit a nearby skin specialist.


Keratolysis exfoliativa is characterized by the appearance of air-filled lesions, which erupt later to reveal an underlying layer of skin. The eruptions are usually painless. The skin can become rough and hard due to repeated recurrence.

The first sign of keratolysis exfoliativa is the appearance of air-filled blisters on the fingers or palms. Eventually, they burst to create circular, peeled areas that are dry but generally not itchy.

The symptoms may become severe through exposure to irritants such as detergents and solvents.

Observed any of these symptoms? Worry not. Consult a nearby skin specialist or find a nearby skin clinic through mfine and he/she will help you recover as soon as possible.


  1. Self-care:

Prevention can help avoid the symptoms and these include:

- Exposure to skin irritants and allergens

- Using lotions containing Salicylic Acid and Lactic Acid may prevent infection.

- In extreme cases, photochemotherapy may be advocated by dermatologists and skin specialists using a combination of Psoralen and Ultraviolet.

- One can prevent sweating using topical agents like Drysol. You can also use a keratolysis exfoliativa lotion or a keratolysis exfoliativa cream as soon as you see symptoms appearing.

- Maintaining good personal hygiene practices and avoiding exposure to the environment

  1. Medication:

Most topical agents are unable to treat exfoliative keratolysis. There are, however, some keratolysis exfoliativa creams and keratolysis exfoliativa ointments that can help. Initial studies have shown that the administration of Soriatane shows improvement with a continual increase in the dosage.

The symptoms usually disappear on their own. However, they may soon reappear.

  1. Skin specialists:

Keratolysis exfoliativa is usually not considered a disease of grave worry. It also does not cause any significant pain or symptoms. They may disappear on their own. However, it is best to consult your dermatologist to rule out any symptoms. You can use the mfine app to book an instant consultation with a nearby skin clinic.

At mfine, we provide a holistic approach to keratolysis exfoliativa treatment. Feel free to contact us if you need any professional advice with respect to your health and well-being. You can book an appointment with a nearby skin specialist through mfine at your own convenience!

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