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What If Your Favourite Television Characters Went For A Health Checkup

  • timeline Samya Ghosal
  • 5 Min Read

Ever wondered what would happen if your favourite TV characters existed in real life? Would they still have larger than life adventures just like they do on TV? Or will they face everyday troubles such as traffic jams, deadlines or getting under the weather? 

Let’s imagine our favourite TV characters consulting with their trusted doctor about various health problems that they may face.

Eleven (Stranger Things)

Equipped with powerful telekinetic abilities, Eleven from Stranger Things is no stranger to danger. However, the excessive use of her powers leaves her drained and bleeding from her nose. Moreover, growing up in a top-secret research lab didn’t help her much in developing healthy eating habits.

Doctor- “So Eleven, it’s been a while since our last talk. I hope you have been taking it easy through your adventures. You always seem to take it a bit too far.”

Eleven- “I’m a fighter. I have killed.

Doctor- “Bad monsters and evil men will keep coming. You need to take better care of your health. Tell me, what do you have for breakfast?

Eleven- “Eggos!”

Doctor- “Hmmm, I am recommending a nutritionist this time. You should go for healthier food choices.”

Eleven- “Healthier?”

Doctor- “Meaning, things that are good for your body! Has the nose-bleeding worsened?”

Eleven- “No”

Doctor- “I am still signing you up for an MRI, just to be on the safe side. All right, you are almost done. Stay strong and healthy Eleven.”

Eleven- “I will be strong for my friends! I will be “healthier… ”

TV Characters eleven stranger things mfine

Joey Tribbiani (FRIENDS)

Who doesn’t love Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. One of the most relatable parts of him is his attachment to food. While some of the most memorable moments of him in reel life are those associated with food, but in real life, his eating habits might land him in trouble with his health.

Doctor- “Ah! Mr. Tribbiani! Please take a seat! How’s your diet routine going?”

Joey- “I don’t like it. I can’t eat some of the best stuff in the world!”

Doctor- “Your cholesterol levels are climbing Mr. Tribbiani. You need to be more cautious about what you eat.”

Joey- “For Joey, no food in this world is bad. Every food is good! From fries and custards to meat and buffalo wings.”

Doctor- “If you do not get your cholesterol under control it can have serious health consequences. What did you have for dinner last night?”

Joey- “Well, the fridge broke. So, I had to eat everything.”

Doctor- “Joey… Mr. Tribbiani, I am going to help you stick to your diet routine. How about you text me the picture of your next meal before you have it? This way I’ll be able to guide you better!”

Joey- “Sure. Just don’t ask me to take food off my plate and we’ll be good!”

TV characters joey friends mfine

Morty (Rick and Morty)

Rick and Morty have rightfully become cult-classic thanks to its incredibly expressive animations and mind-blowing plots. Morty, also known as Rick’s adventure-fodder, gets subjected to a plethora of dangerous situations and harmful things. Needless to say, going for a health checkup is a no-brainer for Morty. 

Morty- “Rick told me this is going to be futile. Yet I wanted to come here. I figured, if I am going on regular adventures I should do this.”

Doctor- “Well, your adventures involve harmful substances, alien life-forms, germs and extremely stressful environments. You should ensure that it doesn’t get in the way of you remaining healthy.”

Morty- “I also feel this is unnecessary. I am pretty sure Rick keeps me healthy enough so that I can go on his next adventure. But someday, he might not be around. Someday my family might need me. I want to be healthy and ready.”

Doctor- “That’s a responsible decision. Now I am prescribing a blood count and the usual tests for any infections or poisonings. Are you sleeping okay?”

Morty- “Meh, sometimes. I don’t know.”

Doctor- “I am also signing you up for a session with a therapist. As I said before, your adventures can get mighty stressful. It might help you if you talk to someone.”

Morty- “As long as I don’t have to talk to another Mr. Meeseeks and call it therapy. That’s what Rick makes me do.”

TV characters rick and morty mfine

Sherlock Holmes (Elementary/Sherlock)

Sherlock Holmes single-handedly made it cool to be smart. While his genius mind solves the most difficult criminal cases, his lifestyle habits are not something to be idolized. As a drug user and an addict, Sherlock Holmes leads a lifestyle that is both bohemian and unhealthy.

Doctor- “Mr. Holmes, I hope you are not here for a professional visit.”

Holmes- “No Doctor. Watson believes, my… “issues with addiction” are getting a tad out of hand.”

Doctor- “Ah! We did try to address this once before. I am glad to see that you have come back.”

Holmes- “I cannot afford to remain bored or without work. I have often said, there is nothing more stimulating than a case!”

Doctor- “But the toll on your health from addiction to these substances, especially tobacco might get in the way of you solving your cases.”

Holmes- “Watson presented me with the same rationale. Well, here I am. Do your thing and I will do my best to remain unperturbed.”

Doctor- “Nothing too bothersome for today. Prescribing a drug panel and later we can talk about addiction management options. I also know an excellent therapist at a rehab.”

Holmes- “Hmmm, I do not know about rehab doctor, but I am willing to consider everything else I suppose.”

Doctor- “I would ask you to reconsider rehab. With time, consistency and some luck, you’ll be able to leave your addictions behind. ”

Holmes- “Luck is an offensive, abhorrent concept. The idea that there is a force in the universe tilting events in your favor or against it is ridiculous. If I do this, it’ll be on my own.”

TV characters sherlock mfine

Did we miss out your favourite TV characters? How do you imagine a doctor’s consultation between your favourite characters from films and TV series would go? Let us know in the comments.

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