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Office Toilet Etiquettes: Doing The Business, The Professional Way | mfine Office Toilet Etiquettes: Doing The Business, The Professional Way | mfine

Office Toilet Etiquettes: Doing Business The Professional Way

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There are 2 kinds of people in this world – those who don’t mind using the office restroom and those who try to avoid it. If you happen to be the former, find out if your office toilet etiquettes are up to mark. And in case you’re the latter, here are some tips that’ll come in handy if you do not have a choice in the future! 

First things first, remember, it is essential to keep toilets hygienic and clean to avoid spreading germs and infections, not just at home but work as well. Another point to always keep in mind is that we’re not the only ones using the restroom at the workplace. So a little courtesy here does go a long way.

Let’s take you through some basic office toilet etiquettes worth the read. 

  • If the restroom is occupied, don’t knock. Wait for the other person to finish their deed in peace.
  • Lock the door carefully once inside. And double-check. Nobody wants an awkward situation.
  • Be efficient. Don’t take more-than-needed time. Office toilets are for business, not pleasure. Also, avoid taking smartphones inside the washroom.
  • Ensure the toilet seat isn’t left wet and try not to spill water on the floor. 
  • Never forget to flush. And check the toilet seat for unwanted stains or substance.
  • Don’t hesitate to inform management if the flush isn’t working.
  • Paper towels go in the bin – not the toilet bowl. 
  • Make it a habit to wash your hands with sanitizer/antiseptic soap after using the restroom.
  • Do not spit gum or throw anything into the urinals. 
  • Double-check for unclosed taps. We can help conserve water.
  • Notify management in case toilet paper, paper towels, or soap need to be replaced.

Bottom line – everybody loves a fresh, clean and fragrant washroom. So, let’s keep it that way. And as the old adage goes – cleanliness is really next to godliness. So, the next time you excuse yourself, keep the aforementioned points in mind.

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