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Consciously Caring For People: Going Beyond “How Are You?”

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Aristotle rightly has said that “man is a social animal,” as he cannot survive in isolation. Therefore, as humans, we need to interact regularly and have a deep impact on each other’s life. With this inherent societal trait, we expect people to notice us, care for us, and acknowledge us. But unfortunately, in today’s time, caring and empathizing are fading emotions. 

In reality, nobody notices the dark circles you have because of your sleep disorder, your colleagues are oblivious to your persistent backache and let’s not even talk about chronic health issues. Even if they ask, “how are you?” it is mostly because they need to get work done. 

Ask this question to yourself, “how many times has someone taken out time to actually how am I doing?” Even if people notice or ask about your well-being, they wouldn’t really care because they are too busy worrying about their own issues.

We are not born with empathy, we learn it

Keep in mind that caring for someone and being empathetic is not a trait that we’re born with. Care and empathy are skills that we actually learn or improve upon. If we want to connect with someone on a deeper level, we need to consciously make efforts to understand people and care for them. Therefore, we need to practise empathy and be nice to people. It won’t be too hard, right?

Empathy and caring starts with YOU

On the flip side, we should also be asking ourselves is how often do we think about others? Let’s go back to the last time when we were in the elevator, or at the grocery store or taking an evening stroll at a park. Now, let’s try to remember only one detail about another person we’ve encountered in any of the given scenarios. Better yet, try remembering a time when we wrongly judged that person in one of these situations. Doesn’t feel right, does it? That is because we are only thinking about ourselves or our own challenges and problems!

Being a good listener

The message of this article is simple–to be real, to be human.

Let us learn to empathize and care genuinely. Next time when we ask people how they are really doing, we should actually mean it. 

There is no script or rulebook for empathy. There is no right or wrong way to do it. We just have to be genuine and simply be a good listener without passing judgment or giving unsolicited advice. The only thing the other person wants to hear from us is, “You are not alone, I am here for you and I am listening to you.

Keep in mind that what goes around comes around. When we show kindness, we will get kindness. Learning how to care and empathising will not only add value to our lives but will also allow us to excel in work and form meaningful, long-lasting relationships

Next time, when you connect with someone, take some time to #AskHowTheyReallyAre

A little care could go a long way.

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    Binish Ahmed

A rebel with a cause, keen observer, and a writer by choice. She draws from her background in life sciences to craft well-researched pieces on healthy living, diseases management, and everything healthcare.

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