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6 Benefits of Yoga Supported by Science

Bhavadharani Kannan

Yoga is a great way to improve your mental and physical health in the gentlest manner.

The word ‘Yoga’ conjures up images of men and women flexing and twisting their bodies and trying the most creative and challenging poses. Today, yoga has spread its wings far and wide and is globally considered a holistic way to heal the mind, body and soul. Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuji’, Yoga is an ancient practice that is highly therapeutic and restores balance in your body.

On the occasion of the fifth annual International Day of Yoga, let’s learn six benefits of Yoga, that are supported by science:

  1. Reduces stress 

Breathe in, breathe out! Yoga instills a sense of calm and promotes relaxation when you perform various asanas. No wonder, multiple studies suggest yoga as the perfect solution to de-stress by decreasing the secretion of cortisol, the primary stress hormone. Practice yoga every day to lead a high-quality life!

  1. Relieves anxiety

We are always hustling, aren’t we? There’s always mounting pressure to prove ourselves, which gives way to anxiety. one of the benefits of yoga is calming and controlling the mind, even in high-pressure situations. Studies suggest those who practice yoga twice a week for at least two months can see a visible difference in how they deal with day-to-day stress. So, bring out your yoga mat and begin this restorative journey!

  1. Reduces inflammation

While its positive effect on mental health is known, not many know that yoga can reduce inflammation in the body. A 2014 study also shows that 12 weeks of yoga reduced inflammation in breast cancer survivors who experienced fatigue all the time.  There studies

  1. Improves heart health 

Your heart is a precious organ; it pumps blood throughout the body and supplies tissues with beneficial nutrients, after all. It is vital to keep a check on the functioning of your heart by consulting with reputed Cardiologist online regularly, especially when you are 60 years. But youngsters have the chance to prevent the occurrence of any heart disorders by maintaining a healthy heart. When you practice yoga regularly, you can reduce several risk factors that trigger heart ailments. High blood pressure is one of the most common causes of heart attack and stroke. When yoga is coupled with a change in diet and sleep pattern, it results in a heart-healthy life!

  1. Helps improve sleep quality

Sleep deprivation is one of the toughest things your body has to deal with. Your immunity lowers and you can put yourself at risk to a host of other ailments, including depression, heart disorders and obesity. If you practice yoga daily, you can soothe your nerves and reduce anxiety and stress, thereby improving your quality of sleep. According to a study conducted in 2005, elderly patients were asked to practice yoga for a stipulated period of time. The group fell asleep much faster and longer!

  1. Improves flexibility and balance 

One of the best benefits of Yoga is flexibility and balance. This fact is supported by science, too. Certain asanas help you to lengthen and stretch your muscles in a safe and effective manner. Include yoga in your daily routine to see great improvements in your life.

In a nutshell, yoga is a great way to improve your mental and physical health in the gentlest manner! It’s time to give your body all the TLC it deserves, isn’t it?

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