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All you need to know about your Breast pain


Tightness or stark pain in the breast that occurs commonly.

EIght out of 10 women are subjected to irregular breast pain in their lifetime.

- Requires a medical diagnosis if doesn’t fluctuate with the menstrual cycle
- Lab tests or imaging often required
- Can happen to most women

Breast pain is a common complaint among women who experience breast tenderness, or a sharp burning sensation in the breast or on the side of the breast tissues. The may be constant or can occur at different times. These pain ranges from different causes and may be mild or severe in most of the cases. Throughout the month, these pains may not be related to the menstrual cycle.

Ages affected - 20-30 years: more often; 30-40 years: often; 40+ years: fewer


Symptoms may include sharp pain in the breast region with breast tenderness. Each of the breast pains have distinctive characteristics attached to it.

People may experience
Pain areas - Breasts, back, shoulders
Breast tenderness – may occur in the sides of the breast
Skin issues - unexplained redness, swelling, irritation, rash
Inability to breathe – severe pain may cause inability to breathe properly


Self-care: For pain in the breast region, try wearing supportive bra that can keep the breast in the right position. Also, sleeping in the correct side can be extremely helpful to keep away the pain.

Medications: For managing breast pain, drugs that can cause soothing effect can be managed.

Specialists: For other kinds, consult a gynecologist. With mfine, we will offer you with a wide range of service for your available options.

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