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Pain in Right Testicle: All That You Need to Know


Discomfort and severe pain in the testicles. Mostly caused due to injuries or strain.

Testicular pain is usually addressed in the outpatient department, with 75% of cases being treated successfully. [1]

- Can go away with itself
- May require medical attention in rare cases
- Maybe due to Testicular torsion
- May require laboratory tests
- Can be curable and treated

Discomfort and pain felt near testicle area mostly caused due to stress or blow around region or injuries. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, cancer, and infections may also cause the condition. mild to severe pain exists which can be treated or sometimes can go away with itself.

Ages affected Mostly seen among young and adolescent boys.


Can be self-diagnosed and can go away with time. Symptoms of lump, redness or pain around testicle region can be reported to doctor as required.

People may experience:
Pain mild to severe pain in testicles
Lump lump around the scrotum
Fever fever in a few cases
Urination painful urination


Self-care: Cold pack or compress can provide relief from pain. Warm baths can help. If required, the cup can be worn around the scrotum.

Medications: If condition persists, ultrasound or urinalysis can be recommended to understand the situation. Antibiotics and pain medications can be advised to provide relief from pain and inflammation.

Specialists: With above-mentioned symptoms, one should consult their health care provider for further treatment. At mfine, we are here to come up with a total and complete healthcare program for your needs.

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