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Victimizing mostly adult men, tinea cruris popularly known as jock itch is the fungal infection affecting the groin area. The fungus dermatophytes are mainly responsible for such an affliction that grows in the shape of a circle around the skin resembling a ring. Though not severe or life-threatening, such a disease can cause a wide variety of problems and irritation requiring the expert services of a dermatologist.

Tinea Cruris Symptoms

Also referred to as ringworm, such an infection is caused mainly due to dermatophytes and often results in a red patch of skin that is both painful and irritating. Tinea Cruris symptoms in the body show an infestation of the bacteria in excessive numbers at a single spot. It is generally accompanied by inflammation in the groin area, dry or scaly blisters, and a slightly raised patch in the infected area.

Causes of Telogen Effluvium

Tinea Cruris causes can result from many factors that affect mostly adult men. The bacterium that causes it generally grows in warm and moist folds of skin. Factors like excessive sweating, hot and humid weather, repeated scratching in the groin area, sharing towels, etc. results in the formation of ringworm.

Tinea Cruris and Candidal Intertrigo

Both Tinea Cruris and candidal intertrigo are bacterial infections of the skin caused by two different kinds of bacteria. Both share similar properties and occur in the folds of skin requiring treatment from an expert dermatologist in case of an infection.

Diagnosing Tinea Cruris

A tinea cruris specialist can usually diagnose the problem by taking a skin sample from the affected area and testing it to determine the intensity and type of the affliction other than a  visual examination.

Tinea Cruris Treatment

Due to the non-serious nature of such a problem treatment is easy to come by. Tinea Cruris treatment generally involves the use of antibacterial and antifungal medications such as allylamine or azole. Terbinafine and naftifine may also do the trick.

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