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When people are living with a heart disease, it is important to realize that the future is not grim. Consulting the top cardiologist in Kolkata can help inspire people about getting on track to a healthy heart. However, with choices galore, one may find it puzzling as to “who is the best cardiologist near me.” Do not worry! mfine presents a broad list of cardiologists in Kolkata, having vast experience and exemplary skills in the field of heart health.

The heart specialists in Kolkata, enlisted on mfine, are associated with some of the premier hospitals and nursing homes. However, patients do not have to wait in long queue to consult them in the hospitals. mfine provides the option to have specialist cardiologist online consultation for various heart problems. So, book an appointment today, and get expert advice right onto your fingertips.      

Online Cardiologist Consultation on mfine

Find the best cardiologist in Kolkata on mfine, and get a full scope of medical services as discussed herewith:

  • Comprehensive Heart Evaluation & Treatment: This helps determine whether the heart is functioning optimally, and whether it requires any preventive care or permanent treatment. Based on the diagnosis, the doctors determine treatment procedures or lifestyle changes.
  • Managing Hypertension: Hypertension or high blood pressure is one area that cardiology doctors in Kolkata specialize in. They will evaluate family history, sedentary lifestyle, eating habits, etc. to determine the risk factors related to hypertension. Medical care and advice is given to manage the chronic heart condition.
  • Pre and Post-Operative Cardiac Care: Heart specialists provide comprehensive care, and nutrition & lifestyle recommendations to patients who underwent heart transplantation, angiogram or angioplasty, pacemaker installation, etc.
  • Assessing Cardiac Screening Tests: A cardiologist provides online consultation on various heart-related tests and screening for accurate diagnosis.
  • Coordinating Care for Cardiac Procedures: The doctors enlisted on mfine may coordinate care and management of various cardiac procedures like coronary angioplasty, coronary angiogram, cardiac catheterization, pacemaker implantation, balloon valve plasty, heart transplantation, artery stenting, and others.     

Finding the best heart specialist in Kolkata has become simple with mfine. Just give your location, and the app will provide a comprehensive list of cardiologists in Kolkata. Choose the best and book an appointment today.

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