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  • Dr. Saleha Noorain

    MD - Internal Medicine, DNB - Cardiology, MBBS


    3 years exp

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  • Dr. Yogesh Kumar Kothari. A

    MD- Internal Medicine, DNB- Cardiology


    23 years exp

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  • Dr. Deepak Krishnamurthy

    MD- General Medicine, DNB (Cardiology)


    20+ years exp

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Consult Cardiology/Heart Experts Online

Find a cardiologist in Bangalore on mfine. We have some of the best cardiologist doctors in Bangalore listed in our website offering preliminary and preventative care for heart disease. Our esteemed cardiologists are specially trained and skilled in diagnosing, treating, and preventing all kinds of heart diseases and blood vessel disorders.

Cardiologist online consultation offers quick guidance to patients. mfine is a platform that allows patients to consult the best cardiologist in Bangalore to determine their significant heart problems or related complications. Symptoms like chest pain, chest tightness, dizzy spells, and shortness of breath require immediate medical intervention. When you cannot find a cardiologist near me, simply choose online consultation for instant response.

What We Cover?

A cardiologist generally serves as a consultant to general physician doctors. If your physician recommends a cardiologist after checking your condition, you must see one to avoid greater complications.

Here’s what our heart specialists in Bangalore cover:

  • Family History Check: Your chosen cardiology doctor in Bangalore would take into account your lifestyle, family history of lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes, and food habits. Depending on the results of a series of tests, heart specialists recommend a course of treatment. At mfine, our cardiology online consultation services offer preliminary care to patients and give them hope for a better life and living conditions.
  • Hypertension: High blood pressure or hypertension is the leading cause of heart attacks. Our skilled cardiologists in Bangalore provide preliminary care tips to patients with hypertension.
  • Post-operative care of Cardiac Patients: Patients who have undergone cardiac surgery require intensive care and nourishment. Choose a cardiologist for an online consultation on mfine to know more about post-operative care and recovery.
  • Heart Health Tests and Reports Evaluation: For correct diagnosis of heart problems, patients have to go through a series of tests. mfine heart specialists in Bangalore suggest the necessary tests to patients and check reports during online consultant. They also suggest preliminary care schedule to patients.
  • Pre-operative Care and Management: As heart surgery is a major one of its kind, it requires tremendous mental stability and care prior to the surgery. Our cardiologists in Bangalore offer pre-operative care to patients and suggest tips to manage stress and anxiety.

Treatment Changes: Not all heart patients respond to treatment in the same way. In some cases, a change in the course of treatment is required for effective recovery.

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